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I love movies just about as much as I love books, and I watch a lot of them each and every month. Movie of the Month is my way of sharing the best movie I saw each month with you, my lovely readers <3 I hope you find some awesome films to watch!

Movie of the Month: October


If I’m being honest I am not overly familiar with Elton John or his music. Though there are, of course, some songs of his that I love and sing along to. But because this movie is gay I was, of course, going to watch it. And I’m so glad I did because it was honestly amazing. I absolutely loved how it incorporated John’s songs into integral parts of his life. It was, in my opinion, a biographical musical. And the execution was just brilliant.

Unlike another biopic about a queer singer Rocketman had no qualms about presenting John as he is and was – a gay man. There was no brushing over this or hiding it. This movie was epically gay and though it didn’t make the story about John being gay it’s an integral part of who he is and it was presented that way in the film.

Another thing that I particularly enjoyed about Rocketman is that Taron Edgerton never tried to be Elton John. He didn’t make himself sound like a carbon copy of John, and while John was evidently an inspiration to Edgerton (as is to be expected) it never felt like an imitation. Which made the film all the more special.

All in all, I fell in love with Rocketman from the moment it started to when the credits began rolling. Even if you’re not overly familiar with John or his music I think this movie is worth watching.


So this was the best film I watched in October! Have you seen it? Have I convinced you to give it a go? What was the best movie you watched in October?

Ta ta for now,


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Posted on: November 19, 2019 • By: Chiara

2 Responses to Movie of the Month: October 2019

  1. Louise says:

    I grew up listening to Elton John’s music because my parents are fans, but I still haven’t seen Rocketman. I really really want to see it though, so I’ll have a hunt around to see if it’s on any on-demand services :D

  2. I’m so glad you loved this one – I did too! I really need to get the DVD. I knew a bit about Elton, and I know his music fairly well – at least the hits on the radio, etc. but it was really great learning more about him in the film. And I LOVE Taron as an actor and I think he did a great job.


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