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A few days ago, Eliza tagged me in the Sunshine Blogger Award! I haven’t been tagged in an award for a while so it was actually pretty exciting! Thank you, Eliza ^.^

There are some rules for this badboy, and they are as follows:


  • Thank and link to the blog that nominated you
  • Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
  • Nominate eleven blogs and give them eleven questions to answer

What social stigma do you think society needs to get over?

Oh wow. Uhm, all of them? The sitgma against queer people, people of colour, disabled people, meant health, suicide. The list goes on. And on. And… on.

What’s the story behind the name of your blog?

I actually wrote an entire post about this! I mean, it’s a little outdated but still. It tells the story!

Favourite style of a blog post to write?

I really do like writing discussions, but I only write them when the right inspiration comes along. In all reality, I really like writing in-depth and critical reviews, as well!

If you could rewrite a popular book what would you choose, and what would you change?

That one is easy – I would rewrite Throne of Glass and take out all the problematic shit and add in more diversity.

Where do you get blogging inspiration from?

Oh, gosh. I have no idea?? I kind of just sit and percolate and the ideas just kind of come to me, haha.

Your favourite book blogger & book tubers? (five of each)

I hate these kinds of questions because I refuse to hurt anyone’s feelings. So, if you want to know what blogs I like, I suggest you go to my Bloglovin account and take a look at the “following” section! As for booktubers, I don’t really watch any, oops.

Favourite character names in the world? (10 at the most)

I thought this would be so easy but it’s not. Dear god, I can’t think of one single damn name. Let me abscond to Goodreads and try and refresh my memory…

1) Day from the Legend trilogy. It’s so simple and yet I adore it.

2) The Darkling from the original Grisha trilogy. It’s just so damn perfect!

3) Cole Turner from Charmed. This question didn’t say it had to be a book *sunglasses emoji*

4) Ellio from Call Me By Your Name.

5) Warner from the Shatter Me series. Do I even need to say anything about Warner?

6) Merik from The Witchlands series.

7) Jack & August from The Wicker King because Jack & August can never not be Jack & August.

8) Noah Shaw from Mara Dyer and The Shaw Confessions. Because. Noah. Shaw.

9) Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead.

10) Rin Matsuoka from Free!

I don’t know if these are my favourite in the whole world but I do love ’em a lot!

What is your blogging routine & schedule? Do you follow an editorial calendar?

This has actually changed a lot over the years that I’ve been blogging. But this year, my schedule is one post per week on a Tuesday. I try to keep it alternating between a review and a non-review post, but sometimes there are too many reviews to fit in a month so they double up. I used to post 2-3 times a week last year, and the first year of blogging I posted every day. But this routine fits me best. And yes, I have a calendar! I map out all my upcoming reviews and blog ideas on it :D

What makes you follow a blog?

It’s a number of things, really. Biggest of all is interaction. If we’ve been commenting back and forth for a while I’ll follow for sure! After that, it’s probably content. So if it’s a YA blog that posts reviews of diverse books, and discussions in the same vein I’ll likely give it a follow!

Are you a writer? If so, could you give us a few of your favourite snippets of any of your WIPs?

I most definitely am a writer! As for snippets, I’m gonna go all self promotion on y’all and direct you to my Patreon, where I post all kinds of writing!

What is the next goal you are striving for in blogging?

I have never had blogging goals for myself, if I’m being honest. And I think that’s helped me not get too obsessed with stats. But, as I did count my followers yesterday so send to a publisher, I’d really love to get to 1000 followers on this blog! I’m currently at 821.


I swear every time I tag someone in these things they never do them, haha. But here are the people I’m tagging: Lauren, Michelle, Jackie, Tasya, Bee, Kelly, Valerie, Bec, Louise, Jeann, and Bec! Even so, if you want to do this, grab my questions if you want and have at it ;D

1) What made you start book blogging?

2) What’s the last five star book you read?

3) What did you want to be when you were five years old?

4) If there was a natural disaster coming and you could only save five books in your house which five books would you save?

5) What’s the last book blog you followed?

6) If you had to give a presentation on any topic what would you give it on?

7) You can interview any (living) author in the world. Who do you interview?

8) If you could see any book turned into a perfect adaptation which book would you want it to be?

9) What’s a TV show that got cancelled that you wish had gone on for longer?

10) What’s an upcoming book you’re really looking forward to reading?

I hope you enjoyed this post, and tata for now,


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Posted on: July 3, 2018 • By: Chiara

5 Responses to The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Thank you for tagging me Chiara! <3 I'd love to write ToG too, and just condensed it into trilogy because I'm really excited to read the first three, but disliked where the story is going in the last 3 books…. I love the name The Darkling, both that name and his real name. It just fits his character so well!

  2. Jackie B. says:

    I love this tag. It’s so much fun because it changes every time it comes around!

    That comment at the end, “I swear every time I tag someone in these things they never do them, haha.” I think that has to do with the type of bloggers you follow! Most of the bloggers I follow focus on writing book reviews and discussion posts. Tags are fun, but don’t always involve a ton of critical thinking.

    Regardless, I’m putting this in my rainy-day pile. Thanks for the tag, Chiara! Your questions have already gotten me thinking. I am looking forward to answering them someday. :D

  3. Ooh thanks for tagging me! I will definitely have to do this; it’s fun to answer questions and learn more about bloggers. I don’t like naming blog favorites either because I feel bad – I’m usually never named as anyone’s favorite either, and it kind of sucks so I don’t want to do that to anyone else. Granted, if you look at all the blogs I visit via blog list/Bloglovin, it’s obvious to tell which ones I like and visit often. :)

    Picking favorite character names would be hard! I do love Kell and Rhy both from the Shades of Magic series. Also, so many from the Harry Potter books. Off your list, I LOVE Elio from Call Me By Your Name.


  4. Kelly says:

    It’s been ages since I’ve tagged in anything. Hooray! I like this one, I always love learning about the bloggers behind the blog rather than just their bookish tastes. Peculate is a great way to put it actually, I’m more of a procrastinator I think. That’s a great way to organise yourself, I should whip out the calendar as well. I really just post whenever I have a post there which could be days or even weeks after my last one. I’ve chilled a lot with my blogging too and find it much more enjoyable now. Such a lovely post Chiara and thank you for telling us about yourself ♡♡♡

  5. Great post! I ADORE names. Ellio is a really fantastic name- it reminds me of Elliot, which was one of my favourite names for ages and ages.
    The last five star book I read was Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt. (Not that I actually rate books that way, but if I did, it would be five stars.) What’s the last five star book you read?

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