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Books for Life is where I share bookish lists, recommendations, and favourites. You can also catch me talking about non-bookish things here, as well as my life outside of blogging. Today I’m talking about…

newer disney movies i love

I guess you could say I’ve been a Disney fan my whole life. My entire childhood was filled with Disney films (and that one sing-a-long VHS we had that was everything), and I grew up on them. And even as I got older, I still watched the new ones that came out. I never thought they’d be as good as the tried and true ones of ye olden days, but to my surprise, I have fallen deeply in love with a handful of them. So I thought I’d share my favourites of these newer Disney films with you today because… who doesn’t like talking Disney?



I mean… doesn’t everyone love Tangled? It’s absolutely adorable in every possible way. It’s also funny, and the romance is on point.

To be honest, though, when I first started seeing the posters for Tangled I wasn’t that keen. But then again, the posters that were everywhere were… bad. It was Flynn and Rapunzel and Pascal hiding in Rapunzel’s hair and I still hate that bloody poster. It doesn’t capture the cuteness and lightness of this movie at all.

I particularly like Tangled because I’ve always had super long hair, and called myself and been called Rapunzel a lot. Also, she likes books. I love her.



Ah, Brave. This movie is everything I have ever wanted in a Disney film. It is entirely focused on family (yes, Frozen stans, there was a Disney princess film before Frozen that didn’t have romance in it), and in particular the relationship between Merida and her mother. A MOTHER/DAUGHTER DISNEY FILM. Like I said: everything I ever wanted.

And not only does Brave focus on family, but when Merida is supposed to be won by some dudes who want to marry her, she wins the tournament herself. BLESS. Brave is also just so damn magical. The little sprites are adorable, the animation is beautiful, the music is divine. Brave is by far my favourite recent Disney films, and it sits right up there with my old faves. It’s perfect.

Also see: Merida’s hair. I love it. So much.

big hero 6


I am not ashamed to say I cried a lot in Big Hero 6. It is by far the most underrated Disney film. Why does no one talk about how beautiful it is? How sweet? How it’s about family, and found family, and has the most adorable assistance robot in the world? I hate that everyone sleeps on this movie instead of forcing everyone around them to watch it.

So, if you haven’t: watch Big Hero 6, please. You won’t regret it. It’s so goddamn beautiful in so many ways.

I would like my own Baymax, please.



Considering I only saw Coco this weekend I think it’s pretty evident how special it is. I had heard that Coco was really beautiful and touching so I was keen to give it a go. I wasn’t sure I would love it as much as everyone else but I did. I absolutely adored Coco.

Much like all the movies on this list, Coco has a big focus on family – both dead and alive. I think that, overall, is what made Coco so incredibly special. I absolutely loved Miguel and his passion for music, but also how much he loved his family – enough to keep that music hidden to protect them.

I honestly won’t say much more about Coco because I think it’s best watched without knowing too much about it. Just know that everything about this movie is beautiful.


What are some newer Disney films you love? Do you love any of these ones?


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Posted on: May 8, 2018 • By: Chiara

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