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Books for Thought is where I post a discussion topic related to books, reading, writing, or something pertaining to one of the three. I hope you’ll join in, and discuss today’s topic of

blog schedules

For the last two or so years, I’ve been posting on the blog every second day. That is three to four posts every week.

This kind of schedule suited me for a long time because I had a whole heap of review copies I was requesting and reading and reviewing, and I had discussion ideas coming out of my ears. But now I’m not requesting as many books, because I feel like sometimes they take over my reading life (and I never get to the preciouses that I have purchased). And even though my discussion ideas are still floating around somewhat endlessly, I don’t want to churn them out just so they can appear on the blog in a timely fashion. Writing a discussion when I’m passionate and keen is much better than writing one because today is a day that a discussion post goes up.

So starting from next week, I’m thinking of posting three times a week: one review, one discussion/life/miscellaneous post, and Simply Sunday. I feel like this will suit me better for a whole heap of reasons. This only means that there will be one less post per two weeks, which isn’t really a lot, actually! But I know that it’ll help with the stress and anxiety that I feel sometimes to have something up on the blog that I am proud of, and that people will enjoy reading.

I know this isn’t some huge AF change that will affect the blog very much, but I just wanted to let you know <3



May this irrelevant Lord of the Rings GIF bring you happiness. And also make this song stick in your head ;D


What about you? Do you have a blog schedule? How does it work out for you?


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Posted on: April 4, 2016 • By: Chiara

20 Responses to A Little Change

  1. I am so glad that you are taking care of your own mental health first, Chiara – and I look forward to seeing the new posts coming up! Simply Sunday is one of my favourite features, so I’m very, very excited to see that pop up more, especially <3

    • Chiara says:

      I don’t ever want blogging to affect me in a negative way, and I think this will safeguard that! Ah, you are too kind, Topaz <3 I'm excited to bring back Simply Sunday more frequently :D

  2. Kayla says:

    Annnnd now that song is stuck in my head D:
    I used to try to have a schedule, or at least a certain number of posts up every week, but then decided that it’d be easier just to post when I have the time. If I want to use the extra time to write or work or be productive otherwise, I figure it’s still fine. :)

    • Chiara says:

      I feel pleased and evil all at the same time XD

      I’m glad that works for you, Kayla! I used to post on the blog like that, but the perfectionist/list lover/scheduler in me needed to know what and when I was posting things *sigh*

  3. I totally get this! I’ve done this this year too, basically. Like I feel like I have TONS of good ideas for content…but I spend so much time getting it ready now and I feel like I can end up blogging more than reading. :P Which isn’t how I want it to be! So I’ve cut back on my blogging schedule to 3 or 4 times a week (from posting everyday XD). I hope this suits you, Chiara, and makes blogging more relaxing/manageable.

    • Chiara says:

      Yeah, I felt like that, too! And I was letting comments fall by the wayside, which really sucked D: When I very first started blogging I thought I ~had~ to post every day, and then I realised that was a ridiculous feat. I can’t believe you managed it so long! I hope this works out for the both of us :D

      And IKR. LotR is everything <3

  4. Aentee says:

    I’m glad to see you were able to find a schedule that would work for you! I have cut down on blogging as well to indulge in other hobbies. I am also terrible at prioritising and can never help but read the books I bought first haha.

    Your LOTR gif gives me all the joy bc Two Towers is my favourite movie ever ?

    • Chiara says:

      I hope it does work for me! The schedule I’ve had for ages did work well but now I don’t feel like it’s right for me, anymore. I think we’ve all got to try and find the balance that works for us!

      I’m so glad :D I love LotR a ridiculous amount <3

  5. Rebecca @ Reading Wishes says:

    Yes, do what works best for you! I struggled to even post once a week, so I’ll never know how you post as much as you do. The only possible explanation is you must be Wonderwoman ;)

  6. Post however you want to! For a long time I used to post almost every day, and then toward the end of 2015 I burned out. Lately I haven’t been feeling quite as motivated to blog; I rarely do the weekly memes anymore because they take so much time to write up. Now I have an erratic schedule that even I can’t predict. Some weeks it’s two posts, some weeks it’s five. Basically, I blog, mostly reviews at this point, whenever the mood strikes me, which probably isn’t great for my audience and attracting new readers, but eh, I don’t mind. Blogging is a far less stressful hobby of mine now, and I’m glad that it’s not taking over my life anymore, like it used to for over a year. ;)

    • Chiara says:

      I was the same when I started blogging. I thought that I had to have something new up on the blog every day, and then I realised that it was kind of impossible. Then I swapped to four times a week, and then every two days. Now three times a week – which I think will suit me! I definitely think it’s important to blog on a schedule (or non-schedule!) that suits you. Blogging should never feel like a chore, or something negative!

  7. I think it’s a good idea to adjust blogging schedules according to where we are in our lives. It may not be such a huge dealt to your readers that you’re cutting down only by one post per week but to you who write the content, that is a huge deal. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself first <3 And yeah, sometimes I feel like I spend way more time blogging that reading. I should really work on getting a schedule going, and setting aside fixed blogging hours, so that that my reading hours can expand again to take over my remaining free time.

    • Chiara says:

      I think so, too! I’d been thinking of doing this change for a while. Posting every two days suited me for a long time, but I feel like it’s not really feasible anymore. Thank you <3 I know, right! Setting aside hours is a good thing. I generally do about one hour a day (but I often don't, because reasons XD), and it does help when I stick to it!

  8. I don’t always have time to post on the blog when I want, so I just do my best to schedule ahead. It doesn’t always work, but I do what I can! haha I think it’s good you are trying a new schedule though – I hope this works better for you and that you can take more time to do other non-bloggy things, like actually read!


  9. Well, you achieved the goal of getting that song stuck in my head!

    But yes, do what works for you. I’ve also been posting less because of uni – not significantly less, but enough that it gives me a bit of a breather :)

    • Chiara says:

      Mwaha! :D

      I think we have to post the amount that fits our life at the time. Blogging being stressful is the worst thing to happen, and I think cutting down helps cut that down!

  10. Romi says:

    CHIARA. *cries* Why did you put that link in there. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. I’m not going to be able to compute at all now and I have a 3 hour cartrip before me tomorrow. HOW COULD YOU.
    But hey, I’m glad you’re making changes to the blog that suit you, and know that I (and, I think, your other readers) will understand if you don’t feel up to posting. There’s a definite achievement we feel when we post another… post, but at the same time it can be tainted when it wasn’t what we wanted, and there’s no need for you to force yourself to keep producing if you’re just not feeling it. This sounds like a good thing to have decided, though, and I’m happy that YOU are happy with the choice! *hugs and squishes*

    • Chiara says:


      <3 <3 <3 I am actually feeling way better about this already. Having two discussions and a review one week, and then two reviews and a discussion the next week was just way too much for me. I feel a lot less stressed about blogging now, and I have more time for commenting, too!


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