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Books for Thought is where I post a discussion topic related to books, reading, writing, or something pertaining to one of the three. I hope you’ll join in, and discuss today’s topic of

storylines/plots/things i want to see in ya

This post is pretty much going to be one long list of things I want to see in YA. These are things that I don’t see enough of in YA, or don’t see at all in YA. I want these things, so I thought I’d share them with you all. So here we go.

Things I Want To See In YA:

– Amazing mother/daughter relationships where they are best friends (honestly this is me and I’ve never read it and WHY? Mums can be awesome friends)

– Single parent families where the single parent is not a deadbeat piece of shit (so sick of this stereotype in YA. Why are all the books I read about single parents – especially mums – about shitty single parents who don’t take care of/care about their kid? *glare*)

– Best friendships that are out of this world (where the best friend is like a sister, where the best friend is the most important person to the MC)

– See above but when that breaks down and it hurts just as much (if not more) than a romantic break-up

– High school contemporaries without romantic relationships

– An MC that studies really fucking hard to get good grades (why does YA either have, like, one scene where the MC is studying and apparently they’re a nerd or the person is just so ~gifted~ that they’re smart AF without trying. I barely had a life in high school because I studied my ass off to get those As)


– Never having moved, but not necessarily ‘been in a small town my whole life’, either

– Discovering sexuality and/or gender identity as a teen/young adult

– A polysexual character since there is not o n e in YA right now

– Blogging. Especially book blogging (I’ve only read a handful of books with Tumblr in them but what about blogging? There are A LOT of us out there)


– Anime and manga love

– Actual book love and not that “I’m not like other girls cause I read” bullshit

– Pets. Especially cats (my cat is my world and yet I’ve never read a book where the MC really freaking loves their cat. TRAVESTY)


What about you? What are some things you’d love to see in YA?sig-chiara

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Posted on: March 15, 2017 • By: Chiara

6 Responses to Things YA Needs

  1. Dina says:

    Oh, I LOVE these ideas. As an amateur writer, I am trying to write about friendships more than romance, because that’s really been my experience as an aro ace person. YES to parents and single-parent homes needing better representation. I also want to see more multicultural homes. Like, I spent the first 12 years of my life in the middle east, and then we moved to America. And, I definitely feel like a product of so many cultures. It’s not just the parents’ cultures that affects the kids. It’s also not universal for everyone in that home. Like, my siblings and I are very different people.

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Especially your point on out of this world best friendships – my best friend has often been my only home when my physical house was unsafe, and I know there are so very many other teens whose best friends have held them through horrible times and light-filled ones alike. I think friendships are deeply important especially in this time where heterosexual monogamous romance is idolised as The One True Meaningful Type Of Relationship – we need examples in literature of all of the times that stereotype can be proven wrong. Thank you so much for sharing this list with us, dear Chiara, and let us hope a great many of these come true in forthcoming YA books <3

  3. I NEED THESE THINGS IN YA! And other than that, I’d also love to see some more diversity and more representation for brown people because I feel I barely see myself in books and I want to be able to see myself in books! Great discussion Chiara! <3

  4. YAS TO THESE!! And I’m like 99% sure Emily already recommended Radio Silence to you but I think you’re going to adore it. It has such a good mother/daughter (single mother!!) relationship and it’s so beautiful. And I just finished reading Lucky Few by Katherine Ormsbee and it was SO GOOD but like one thing that impressed me was that the friendship between the two BFF girls was really featured and powerful and amazing. <3 And it made me realise how rarely I see that?!? Which is sad. I want more epic female friendships where it's not poisonous. And I definitely want more non-romantic YA. I've actually started reading more adult fantasy because it has less romance…and that's so weird?!? I always thought it'd be the other way around. 😜

  5. So much YES!! My mom is seriously one of my best friends – as is my sister – and you never really see those good, close relationships. You would think after Gilmore Girls, it would show up more, but I can’t really think of anything. And single parents not being deadbeats would be GREAT!


  6. Deeja says:

    your CAT GIF IS THE CUTEST ARGHHH!!! yes i agree with a lot of what you said, i think parents in general are so undermined in YA, even though, in reality, they–and your whole household/family–are the MAIN CENTER of our lives. friends, best friends, boyfriends/girlfriends (if you ever have them) always come way, way later.
    i also would like to see books where the teens aren’t allowed to date at all, because AHEM, that would be interesting and relateable. In that same context, i want to see someone who has a romantic relationship JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT, like, they’re aware that they don’t love their bf/gf, but they still have that for whatever reason. and then them breaking up, both people actually DISCUSSING what’s up between them, all that.
    also, just a highschool aged character not finding someone? like, they just have never found someone they’re romantically interested in? I’d also love to see more asexual and aromantic characters, and their aro/ace-ness not being a big deal.
    I also want to see romantic relationships mess up; someone incredibly in love but they fall OUT of love instead of IN love. and then moving forward from that.

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