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Five Reasons To is basically my way of convincing you to love the same things I do. Because I love a lot of things for a lot of reasons. Hopefully my powers of persuasion will work their magic on you, and you can find new things to love!

Today, I am going to give you five reasons to:

Watch Kubo and the Two Strings

1. The Animation


Stop motion animation is my FAVOURITE kind of animation, and it’s always so exciting when a movie is made like this because I feel like they’re getting so rare *cries* Kubo and the Two Strings incorporated stop motion and the usual 3D-ish kind of animation (which was mainly for backgrounds), and they worked really beautifully together. I especially liked this scene because it is just so simply gorgeous. Marvel at it.

2. The Storyline


To watch a kid’s movie, I have to be in a really particular mood because the storytelling is so different to movies meant for an older audience. They usually feature a super typical villain who is nefarious just because, which is not a trope I particularly like. The storyline in Kubo, however, is so complex. When I finished it, I turned to my mum and I said: that was an animated adult film. And it is very much like that. There’s no “kiddy” aspect to the story, even though the main character is a kid. The villains are great, and have agency, and are nefarious for a reason, too. And also super pretty in a creepy way.

3. The Messages


I mentioned just above that I felt like Kubo was an adult film that just happened to be animated, and a lot of that has to do with the messages that are woven into the story. Family is a huge element to the film, and the different ways in which it is presented are beautiful. It focuses on blood family, and found families, as well. There’s messages of forgiveness, and the different meanings of strength, and creativity. There are so many beautiful things to gain from watching Kubo.

4. The Humour


It is actually ridiculously hard to make me laugh when I’m watching something. But, when I was watching Kubo I was laughing all the time (except when I was crying). My mum even said to me that she’s never seen me laugh so much in a movie before. So that is some high praise right there. The humour is cute, and down to earth, and I loved it a lot.

5. This Preciousness


Damn it, I love this child. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a movie with a kid protagonist before and liked them so much. I want to protect my son. I want my son to be happy. EVERYTHING FOR MY SWEET, SOFT SON.


So these are five reasons for you to watch Kubo and the Two Strings! This movie is hands down one of my favourites of all time, and I hope I have convinced you.

Ta ta for now,


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Posted on: April 25, 2017 • By: Chiara

16 Responses to Five Reasons To: Watch Kubo and the Two Strings

  1. Bec says:

    Oh my goodness YES, I completely agree! I saw this in cinemas with my boyfriend and after it ended we both turned to each other and said, “That wasn’t a kid’s film.” It definitely had some heavy but beautiful themes and it was just so remarkably made…!!! I loved it so, so much. <3

  2. Ah, this is one of my closest friends’ absolute favourite films – we’ve known each other for nearly a decade now & in that time I don’t think she’s ever stopped talking about its beauty! I’ve only seen it once, unfortunately (at my friend’s behest, of course) & honestly, I don’t remember much of it – but now that you’ve shared this lovely post I know I’ll need to go back & watch it once more & soak in all that wonderful animation/story/humour/characters! My friend will be so pleased, haha ☺️

  3. Gahhh I love this movie. So much. For all the reasons you just said. I used to hate stop motion animation when I was younger but now I looooooove it and appreciate the crap out of it because DUDE. Respect to the animators.

  4. I haven’t seen this yet but it’s definitely on my list! I’m glad you loved it so much because I just know that I will too. (And YES about stop motion! It’s so underrated and I often feel like people don’t appreciate the effort that goes into it. I had to do a 3 minute stop motion animation for a project in college and it took me 2 weeks because the lighting kept changing between shots. UGH. So now anything with stop motion is immediately incredible in my eyes purely because they managed to actually finish it).

  5. Kayla says:

    OMG I JUST WATCHED THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME ON NETFLIX LIKE TWO DAYS AGO! And as soon as I watched it I wondered why more people weren’t talking about it??? Because it was so awesome?? And honestly most animated villains don’t scare me but these were creepy/intimidating/wonderful?? And I kept telling myself it couldn’t be stop motion because wow?? And there’s rarely a kid who never annoys me in a film but even when he was making mistakes, it was never the annoying ‘oh, he’s doing that because he’s a kid’. Like he was so grown-up and genuine but adorable and precious all at once.

    • Chiara says:

      YESSSS. I honestly have no idea why this movie isn’t talked about all the time. It is so special, and lovely, and amazing.

      The villains were THE BEST. They didn’t rely on silly kid movie tricks and it was WONDERFUL.

      Kubo is so precious. Too precious. <3

  6. I love Kubo and the Two Strings so so much! And I so nearly didn’t go to see it. I don’t know why, but since I was a child I kind of had a fear of stop motion animation? It made me really uncomfortable, kind of like how people are really scared of puppets, but instead I was scared of clay… I had a lot of strange phobias as a child.
    But Kubo was so stunningly beautiful, aesthetically and emotionally. And tragically underrated. It deserves all the awards. I agree with you that it’s not really a kids movie because it’s pretty dark and scary. And it doesn’t really carry through or end the way you’d expect a kids film to do. And that ending – oh my gosh. I teared up several times in the cinema, but at the very end as I my friends were getting ready to leave and talking about how amazing it was – I burst into tears. I cried for a solid 5 minutes. I’m not a movie person and I’m especially not one to cry at movies, but for some reason this one just really got to me? I haven’t had the chance to yet, but I know it’s a film I’m going to be watching again many times.

    • Chiara says:

      Oh no! I’m so glad that you did see it. I’ve always loved stop motion animation, but it is quite a weird art form!

      I cried for a long time after that ending, too. It was just so emotional and poetic. I couldn’t NOT cry, haha.

      I definitely agree that it’s underrated, which is one of the reasons why I wrote this post! I would absolutely love for more people to fall in love with it. Especially since if the few stop motion animation films that are made do well then more will go into production!

  7. These are all really great reasons to watch it -and I need to do so ASAP it sounds like. Thanks for sharing. These posts are fun. :)


  8. I’ve never seen this one, but it’s on my list and your post definitely made me want to watch it even more!

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