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Five Reasons To is basically my way of convincing you to love the same things I do. Because I love a lot of things for a lot of reasons. Hopefully my powers of persuasion will work their magic on you, and you can find new things to love!

Today, I am going to give you five reasons to:

Read the Because You’ll Never Meet Me Series by Leah Thomas

1. The Voices

There are times when you read books with dual POVs and they’re hard to distinguish and you end up thinking that you’ve read an entire chapter from one character’s POV but then BAM you were wrong. There is absolutely none of that in the Because You’ll Never Meet Me books. The voices of Ollie and Moritz are so very distinct. From each other, and from any other books I’ve ever read.

2. The Friendship (and more than friendship)

When I read Because You’ll Never Meet Me I was convinced that Ollie and Moritz were going to fall in love. And that did kind of happen because Moritz fell in love with Ollie (and I read that particular letter approximately five times, obviously). In Nowhere Near You I had hopes that Ollie would realise what a precious cinnamon roll Moritz is and fall in love with him. Did this happen? Well, I know. But you have to read the books to find out.

3. The Genre Bending

When I read Because You’ll Never Meet Me I didn’t know whether to classify it as contemporary or sci-fi because it fit into both genres. The world and the setting are very contemporary, as is the way the characters talk and the things they see and do. But the history of the boys, and some of the things that happen were almost too out there to be classified as contemporary. The sequel errs more on the side of sci-fi, but there are still so many contemporary elements that it still breaks genre boundaries like its predecessor.

4. The Covers

You can 100% love a series for their covers. And I really do so love these covers. Can you tell? Probably. I love the handwriting-esque font, and the silhouettes of everything. And once you read these books the pictures on both covers will make all the more sense to you. And you’ll think they’re even prettier for it.

5. The Boys

It has been quite some time since I’ve fallen so head over heels for book characters. It actually takes a lot for me to really and truly love them. Sure, I can love them in passing, when I’m reading about them. But it takes that little bit more for me to love them all the time when I’m not just reading the book. And Ollie and Moritz are those kinds of characters. They feel so real, and I want so much happiness for them. I adore them a lot. They are my soft sons. I really and truly hope that there is a third book in the works because I can’t go on without more Ollie and Moritz in my life *gross sobbing*


So these are five reasons for you to read the Because You’ll Never Meet Me series! I hope I have convinced you.

Ta ta for now,


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Posted on: April 11, 2017 • By: Chiara

14 Responses to Five Reasons To: Read Because You’ll Never Meet Me

  1. Kayla says:

    I feel like we’re just going to constantly go back and forth posting about these books until other people get in on it ;) because I literally just scheduled a post about my reread! UGH I really don’t talk enough about these covers though, because I really do judge books by their cover and these pass every test

  2. You’re slowly convincing me to give the first book another shot. I really am curious – especially since I stopped before I ever realized it was sci-fi. I heard that later and was like “what?” haha I think I need a physical copy of these though.

  3. OOT, but is that Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne poster you have? i remember i used to read it when i was young!

    i’ve heard this book being recommended left and right but it doesn’t really pique my curiosity as of now. subject to change, perhaps. i’ll see if i can get it here. thank you for the recommendation xx

    • Chiara says:

      Nope, it’s by the same mangaka, though! It’s Mistuki from Full Moon o Sagashite :D

      Ah, I really do implore you to pick up these books. They are very special!

  4. SO GLAD YOU LOVED THE SECOND ONE <3 The genre-bending was a turn-off for me but there are definitely no other books like these. And Ollie is the cutest.

    • Chiara says:

      I REALLY DID. I’m glad it was something I was able to just go with, because there’s always the chance that it wont work out, and I’m sorry it was that way for you :( Ollie is the most beautiful sunshine child.

  5. This wasn’t that high up on my TBR list but now I’ve bumped it right the way up because of this post. Thank you!

  6. I’ve had these two books on my shelf for a while, but I haven’t read them and to be honest I had forgotten all about them. The covers are so beautiful, and the stories sound so heartfelt and like amazing novels full of friendship and self discovery. I love how you pointed out that the voices of the two main characters are completely different – too often I find myself thinking that the voices of the main characters in books with multiple POVs sound way too similar, so this seems like a nice change!

    • Chiara says:

      Ah, I really hope you remember them the next time you don’t know what to read! They are so gorgeous, and I cannot talk about them enough. The voices of the two boys are SO different, so if that’s something you like then you’ll love these :D

  7. The boys are so precious. I just have a soft spot for both of those boys. All of these are excellent reasons to read this gorgeous duology (it is a duology, right?). If anyone ever asks me why they should read these books I’m going to direct them to this post.

    • Chiara says:

      Right? I want to protect them from everything in this world <3 It is a duology! Although the author has written a very rough third book but I'm not sure if it'll ever see the light of day :( Ah, thank you so much!!

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