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diverse comic books i want to read

So not too long ago I wrote a post about diverse comic books I’ve read and today I’m going to list some diverse comic books I want to read. In fact I have copies of almost all of these so I’m excited to get to them! Without further ado…


Diversity: Black bisexual protagonist, trans guy protagonist, gay protagonist, Indian protagonist

Backstagers just looks SO DAMN CUTE AND QUEER. I have issues 1-8 on Comixology because I just know that I will fall in love with this series. I feel like it’ll be the queer boy version of Lumberjanes but about theatre rather than summer camp. I’ve heard it’s also #ownvoices for bi and trans rep which is AMAZING.


Diversity: Black protagonist

I haven’t really heard much about Ladycastle but the title alone makes me want to read it. LADY KNIGHTS YES PLEASE. Also, they’re protecting a castle from magical creatures/monsters. A++ There’s only four issues (meaning one full volume) so it’ll be a nice and easy read, too!

Hi-Fi Fight Club

Diversity: Black protagonist, lesbian protagonist (?)

I need to read this one to know for sure what queer identities are represented on page, but it is safe to say that this series is queer. *cheering* I love the look of the art from that front cover, and THIS IS SET IN THE NINETIES IN A RECORD STORE AND THAT PREMISE ALONE IS GIVING ME LIFEEEE.

Princess Princess Ever After

Diversity: Black lesbian protagonist, lesbian protagonist

Uhm??? Just look at it??? I bought this when it was on sale through Comixology (if y’all aren’t on that get on that – it is good shit) and I am so keen to read it. It sounds adorable and I have honestly only heard good things. Baby gay princesses <3


Diversity: Black lesbian protagonist, lesbian protagonist (?)

So… no one has really said on GR is the protagonists are lesbians but someone mentioned it being super gay so I’m going with it. Side note: THIS IS WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO SHELVE BY ID OR AT LEAST MENTION A CHARACTER’S ID IN YOUR REVIEW DAMMIT. (Also, if you know the specific queer IDs of the two protagonists in this series let me know and I’ll amend if needed!). Anyway, the art in this series looks amazing, the story is magical (one of the MCs is a werewolf!!) and from the (albeit unhelpful) GR reviews I’ve read it’s adorable as heck. N E E D.


Diversity: Queer Japanese protagonist, queer protagonists

Have I spoken (written) about my high levels of excitement about Fence? If not: I AM VERY, VERY EXCITED ABOUT FENCE. There’s not much to know about the specific diversity of this series yet but Pacat has promised it’ll be Super Queer so I am 100% here for that. Also 100% here for everything Pacat, so there’s that as well. May I tell you that I have ordered all four cover variants of this issue and not one single issue has arrived? It’s been out for nearly a week and I still haven’t read it someone save me from this endless pain of waiting I can’t survive I can-

What about you? What are some diverse comic books on your TBR?sig-chiara

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Posted on: November 21, 2017 • By: Chiara

12 Responses to Diverse Comics On My TBR

  1. Sydney says:

    I love how diverse the indie comic industry is becoming! I think comics are such a great way to express diversity because you can really put it on the page. Pictures give such an incredible opportunity to truly show diversity. I remember hearing The Backstagers and I really wanted to read it! It looked absolutely adorable.

    Fence looks amazing! I really want to give that one a read, especially since I’m here in Japan. Their suppression of LGBTQ+ culture is really intense here. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have access to comics (even online) here, so I’m going to have to wait a bit! Let me know if it’s a good one. :D

    • Chiara says:

      It actually makes my heart so happy! I actually can’t think of a comic book I’ve read that didn’t have ANY kind of diverse characters, which is kind of amazing. And I love the on the page rep in comics too because like you said, you can SEE it, which is something on top of just reading about it.

      Fence was really good! Th first issue was mainly an introduction (as they tend to be) but I really enjoyed it nonetheless :D I know that Japan does have access to Comixology, it’s just a bit different – I definitely suggest checking out the site and seeing how it works for you!

  2. OOh The Backstagers and Fence both sound fantastic!! I do love comics, and I love my LGBT+ rep so mixing the two is a win!! Thanks for sharing; I hadn’t heard about a lot of these.


    • Chiara says:

      I can say that the first issue of Fence was lovely! I am so keen for the upcoming issues as well :D I am incredibly excited to finally read Backstagers. I hope to do it very soon! I find that a lot of comics have LGBTQIAP+ rep in them, which is awesome. My pleasure, Lauren :D I hope you like them!

  3. Stormy says:

    I really enjoyed both Princess Princess Ever After & The Backstagers! Moonstruck looks fantastic, I’m really excited to read that one at some point.

    • Chiara says:

      I have since read Princess Princess Ever After and it was so cute! Such an adorable little graphic novel <3 I need to just sit down and read my issues of Backstagers one day! I know I'll love it. I'm not sure if the price will still be the same but on TBD I pre-ordered the first trade paperback of Moonstruck for about $10AUD not too long ago!

  4. Kayla says:

    1) what the heck is comixology and 2) FENCE LINKS TO THE WRONG BOOK I NEED LINKS

  5. The Backstages is AMAZING. It’s so cute and fun and just ahhh I love it to pieces. It’s such an underrated comic and I hope there will be more issues at some point :) Hi-Fi Fight Club is also SO MUCH FUN. I’ve only read two issues so far but I’m really enjoying it. Princess Princess Ever After is super cute 10/10 would recommend. Okay I’d recommend all three of these haha
    I hadn’t heard of Lady Castle and Moonstruck before, but definitely checking them out!

    • Chiara says:

      I am SO KEEN for Backstagers! Honestly don’t know why I haven’t read the issues I have already! I think Hi-Fi Fight Club is going to be my next comic book purchase :) I have since read Princess Princess Ever After and adored it. So ADORABLE.

      Yay! I hope you like them if you get around to reading them, Michelle :D

  6. Kelly says:

    Fence! I’ve been looking out for reviews for that one so hanging for your copies to arrive. Hifi Fight Club sounds brilliant, the nineties record store is giving me Pretty In Pink and Empire Records vibes. Do you have a recommended online store where you prefer to purchase comics that have a great range? I worry about ordering them online and arriving damaged. It seems as though the representation in comics is much more progressive than literature at the moment and I’m all for it. Awesome post Chiara, really enjoyed it <3

    • Chiara says:

      The copy that came with The YA Chronicle’s November box actually arrived before my four ordered copies of Fence :O But at least I got to finally read it, haha. I don’t plan to review it because I think it would be hard to review something under 30 pages but I really enjoyed it so much! It was mainly introducing the main character and his wants/needs so I’m super keen for the meat of the story to start up in the upcoming issues!

      I think HiFi Fight Club just looks too cute. I really hope I can read it soon!

      If you’re looking just to have them digitally, I suggest Comixology – it’s run by Amazon and they have a lot of sales! If you’re looking for physical copies, I got mine from Ace Comics and they packaged by Fence issues really well!

      And yes, totally agree that comics are getting more done in terms of rep at the moment. I hope that YA emulates it more in the near future!

      I’m so glad, Kelly <3

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