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see how they runWhat: See How They Run (Embassy Row #2) by Ally Carter

Who: Scholastic Australia

When: February 1st 2016

How: A copy of this novel was provided by Scholastic Australia for review.

Some secrets are better left unfound . . . For the past three years, Grace Blakely has been desperate to find out the truth about her mother’s murder. She thought it would bring her peace. She thought it would lead her to answers. She thought she could put the past to rest. But the truth has only made her a target. And the past? The only way to put the past to rest is for Grace to kill it once and for all. On Embassy Row, power can make you a victor or a victim, love can turn you into a fool or a fugitive, and family can lead you forward or bury you deep. Trust is a luxury. Death is a very real threat. And a girl like Grace must be very careful about which secrets she brings to light.

4cats2I was EXTREMELY excited to open a beautiful package from Scholastic and find See How They Run inside. I’ve wanted this book since the moment I finished All Fall Down last year, and I devoured it in one day.

I’m happy to say that See How They Run didn’t come down with a case of Second Book Syndrome. There was a moment at the very beginning where I thought that might happen because the opening scene was kind of abrupt, and there was a lot of info to take in, but everything was smooth sailing from that point onward.

A LOT of stuff happened in See How They Run, but it was all connected. I think that is one of the more fabulous aspects of this series. That every single moment and every action and everything that happens are all connected. And the story is hiding the connectedness from you, and is making you try and hazard a guess at what is actually going down. Which you find out at the end! And it is !!! I will say nothing more because who wants a spoiler, amirite?

I mentioned in my review of All Fall Down that there were two potential love interests. That was no longer the case in See How They Run. Which was okay, because I do like both of the boys. But in the week between the end of the first book and the start of this one, Noah is all flirty and together with his and Grace’s friend (that I cannot remember the name of at this time). So it was obviously that way so Grace and Alexei’s somewhat romantic relationship could be furthered.

Which it was. In the most slow burny way EVER. It was glorious. I love reading about these two, because it is so obvious that they care about each other in a way that is more than platonic, but neither is willing to take that final step and admit it. Which is more than okay. Grace is dealing with a lot of shit, and so is Alexei, and I think it’s more important for them to be there for each other than to start making out every five seconds.

Another one of my favourite things in this book is the fact that Grace’s friends aren’t just cardboard cut-outs, and they are also always there for her. They might not always agree with her on everything, but they never stray from her. This friendship circle is incredibly lovely, and I need more of them.

There was a huge element of ‘who dunnit’ in this book, which has since pushed me into a mystery/thriller book binge (which is fabulous). There were moments where I distrusted some of my favourite characters, and found new love for characters I had previously thought should be steered clear from. I love being swapped around like this, and Carter did an ace job with keeping me guessing the entire time I was reading.

All in all, I really liked See How They Run, and thought it was a fitting sequel to the awesomeness that was All Fall Down. After the huge cliffhanger, though, I am waiting extremely impatiently for the third book in the series. I need to know what happens! ASAP.

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trigger warning: murder, physical assault both with weapons (knife/gun) and without, and suicidal ideation in this novel

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Posted on: March 11, 2016 • By: Chiara

12 Responses to Review: See How They Run by Ally Carter

  1. I might have to pick up All Fall Down now! I’m really intrigued! The Grace and Alexei ship sounds wonderful because slow burn is the best.
    Thanks for the review! I’m so glad you enjoyed the second book as well!

    • Chiara says:

      I hope you do, Annika! It’s a really interesting story and super enjoyable to read :D Ah, yes. It is SUPER slow-burny, which is so fabulous.

      No problem <3

  2. Amy S. says:

    First off, I love how we read the first book and this book close to each other! I also agree with all the points you made, though holy cow I was super surprised by the big thing at the end! I definitely want the next book ASAP too but apparently it doesn’t come out until next year! So not right!

    • Chiara says:

      It’s so weird, haha! Ah, that ending was SO MASSIVE. I *kind of* saw it coming with all the foreshadowing, but it was still awesome. Ohmygosh, I didn’t know it was so far away D:

  3. Suze says:

    Great review! I’m definitely going to add the books to my wish list.

  4. I actually REALLY loved All Fall Down when I read it last year. Although I don’t remember much of it. Oops. BUT ANYWAY I can’t wait to read this sequel – boo the Noah being out of the picture (I wasn’t a big fan of Alexei) but still…I do love slow-burn romance :)

    • Chiara says:

      YAY! I couldn’t remember a lot of the first book when I read this one, but it kind of came back to me. I hope that happens with you! Yeah, I wanted Noah and Grace to get together, but I’m not surprised that my ship sunk. That happens far too often. But yes – it is a lovely slow burn!

  5. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much!
    I was a little disappointed in it. I thought the first bit was a lot slower but I did enjoy the last half or so. I don’t really enjoy Grace as a character so I got a little tired of her. But, I liked all the twists and I’m excited to see what happens next!

    • Chiara says:

      Ah, yeah. I did feel like Grace got a TAD repetitive at times, but I totally forgot to mention that, haha. I liked her a lot better in the first book. But maybe now she knows more things about herself, she might be more tolerable in the third book! I can’t wait to see what happens next, either :D

  6. Yippee, I got this one the other day as well and I’m looking forward to it! I can’t wait to see what that interconnectedness is you’re talking about, and I liked the first one with Grace and her friends and the interaction too. Yay for more development between her and Alexei *swoons*. Great review lovely!

    • Chiara says:

      Yay! I hope you like it as much as I did, Jeann :D I’m so glad the relationship between Alexei and Grace is developing. I think they go together so well! Thank you <3

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