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So I’m pretty sure this tag just involves listing some things that make you more happy than not (based off Adam Silvera’s novel of the same title, which I have yet to read but DESPERATELY want to). Thanks to Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout for tagging me. You’re a doll <3

Things That Make Me More Happy Than Not:

– Making beautiful bookish blogging friends. You’re all wonderful, and bring me heaps of joy

– My cats. They’re precious darlings

– Reading (duh!)

– Writing my WIPs, and creating characters that no one has ever met before!

– Watching TV shows (currently rewatching Buffy)

– Writing fanfic (it’s such a release, and has made me such a better writer – seriously!)

– Rainy days

– Eating really yummy vegan food (you don’t know how hard that is)

– Getting things in the mail (!!!)

– Looking at my LGBTQIA+ shelf on my bookcase

– Seeing musicians that I love live

– Discovering new things (books, movies, shows, people, bands, etc.)

– Looking at cute AF pics of animals

– Shipping people (most notably Merthur)

– Getting comments on my author blog (so incredibly happy, seriously)

– Eating when I’m really hungry

– Reading a new favourite book

– Getting good grades (NEEEEEEEEERD)

– Having movie days with my mum <3

– Azael

– And probably other things too, but these are the ones that immediately came to mind :D

I Tag: Emily @ Loony Literate, Romi @ Where the Writer Comes to Write, Kelly @ Diva Booknerd, Cee @ The Novel Hermit, and Charlotte @ The Simple Tales <3

Although, if you want to do this tag, I tag you! :D


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Posted on: June 19, 2015 • By: Chiara

20 Responses to #MoreHappyThanNot Tag!

  1. Yay, thanks for doing the tag! Awww, you’re an awesome blogger too (and I love your writing blog updates!) I don’t think anyone can disagree reading and writing are maybe the most fabulous things to exist. Getting things in mail is really fun, way more so then several years ago when that was still semi-regular.

    P.S.: Good grades are amazing. NERDS UNITED.

    • Chiara says:

      No problem, lovely! :D Eep, thank you so much <3

      Reading and writing are definitely amazing things that exist in this world. And YES. I get way more mail than I ever used to, and it's fabulous.


  2. Cynthia says:

    Great post. I love Buffy so much. I am also rewatching that one on Netflix . . .that is, when my Internet isn’t driving me crazy. Ha

  3. Maraia says:

    Are you vegan? I”m only vegetarian, but I love experimenting with vegan recipes. Do you follow any vegan food blogs? I’m almost as addicted to cooking blogs as I am to book blogs, haha.

  4. So many wonderful thing to be grateful for! It makes me happy to see making blogging friends and your cat at the top (who is ADORABLE btw).

  5. Valerie says:

    DUDE YES FOR GETTING GOOD GRADES HAHAHHA. And cats. Though I seriously wish I wasn’t allergic because I love cats, and just animals in general.

  6. Rainy days! Yes, most definitely. I’m watching Buffy now… I’m on season 2. Gah I wish I could binge watch it. MERTHUR is life <3

  7. Romi says:

    Thank you so much for the tag, you gorgeous lady. You are seriously incredibly lovely, Chiara. I brand you the lovliest of us all.

    This is such a positive, fantastic tag. I don’t know much about the book it’s from but it’s making me more and more interested in actually being proactive and looking it up, because this tag is going around and I love hearing what makes others happy and seeing all that glorious positivity.

    • Chiara says:

      No problem, dear! And eep, then you are the sweetest of us all <3

      The book sounds amazing, and I'm bummed that i haven't seen it around Australian bookstores :( I hope you do look it up! If you need more incentive, it's LGBT!

  8. Emma says:

    MERTHUR is LIFE! I so want to do this tag now! It’s such a fun and positive tag!

    I also love reading and writing :D and looking at adorable animal pictures. Like c’mon! Who can resist those cute adorable faces??

  9. Yes to getting good grades, Chiara! And thanks for doing the Tag! The blogging community is seriously populated by wonderful, amazing, thoughtful, outspoken people and, for that, I am certainly more happy than not. I also like that you included shipping (because, come on), your support of LGBTQIA+ and other non-bookish stuff.

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