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Five Reasons To is basically my way of convincing you to love the same things I do. Because I love a lot of things for a lot of reasons. Hopefully my powers of persuasion will work their magic on you, and you can find new things to love!

Today, I am going to give you five reasons to:

Watch Merlin

Merlin is an absolutely amazing show, and I implore anyone and everyone I can to watch it. I’m going to try and give you five simple reasons to watch the most perfect show in human history. Here we go:

1. Mythology



Hey, now, who doesn’t love themselves some badass mythology? Whilst Merlin is its own interpretation of the famous Arthurian legend, there are still the basic things that we all love about it. Arthur, Gwen, Lancelot, Merlin, Camelot, MAGIC. It has all the ingredients of fabulousness that have made people fall in love with the legend for hundreds of years.

2. Scenery



The scenery in this show is absolutely flipping fantastic. It’s filmed in France, and a few other locations, and you just pretty much spend the whole time saying: I want to live there.

3. Knights



There are many extremely attractive knights in this show, and who doesn’t like looking at pretty boys for hours on end? That’s right – NO ONE.

4. Merlin Himself

merlin bb


Merlin, the character rather than the show, is literally the most adorable freaking character in the history of the universe. I am in love, if you cannot tell already (by numerous posts, fanfic, fangirling … even more fangirling).

This boy is the definition of precious. He will do absolutely everything and anything for those he loves. He’s brave, and loyal, and kind, and caring, and lovely, and cute, and funny, and dorky. He’s perfection in a person, pretty much.

5. Merthur



Whether you ship them romantically or not, Merthur is an amazing reason to watch Merlin. This epic friendship is unrivalled in any TV show, and I should know because I watch a helluva lot of TV shows.

These boys are soul mates, pure and simple. They love one another, trust one another, will do anything for one another. This relationship is hands down one of the most beautiful things I have ever been blessed enough to witness. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and will also tear your feels to pieces.


So there you have them, my five reasons to watch Merlin. I hope I have convinced you to give the show a try because it is my absolutely number one and favourite series – EVER.

Ta ta for now,


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Posted on: August 11, 2014 • By: Chiara

28 Responses to Five Reasons To: Watch Merlin

  1. Shelly says:

    Ooooo this feature sounds so awesome, I can’t wait to see more posts like it! And YESSS TO MERLIN! EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT!

  2. Emma Snow says:

    You said everything so beautiful. I agree 100% I love Merlin so much. I think it’s time for a remarathon :D


    Merlin is such a great show. It has humour, and plot, and great characters, and FRIENDSHIPS!! I need to buy seasons 1-4 on DVD so I can watch it again and again and again.

    I also need them to do a follow up series, with reincarnations of all our favourites + grumpy old man Merlin XD

  4. Awesome idea, Chiara! Aaaand a silly confession: I thought the Merlin you’re talking about in twitter is a person buuuuut now I know that it’s a tv series. *hides* Anyway, I wish I could find time to watch this series it looks amazing! Teen Wolf is the only series I am watching as of the moment because SCHOOL WHYYYYY.

  5. How could you not include the HUMOUR in this list?? Although I suppose that comes under Merthur. Ohhhh my gosh you are making me want to re-watch the series. Although I don’t think I could bear to watch the final episode again. *sobs*

    • Chiara says:

      The humour was definitely a sub-reason of Merthur, haha. Since they are most of the funny times in this show ;D

      Emilyyyyy, re-watch it! It’s worth it. The pain is worth it!

  6. What a great feature idea :D I got the third season on a fair, because it was cheap and it look interesting. I now know how much you love this show, so I will hunt down the first two season so I can binge-watch them!

  7. Gosh, I don’t even need any more reasons to want to watch this. I DO SO MUCH!!! I’m still emotionally drained from Supernatural, though, so I’m kind of watching Psych to make myself remember what smiling is. I heard Merlin is just as feels destroying. So SOON. SOON I WILL TRY IT. But honestly, I must be really tired because I thought #2 was Sorcery. And then you had a pretty gif of trees and I thought….”gee, the sorcery is pretty tame in this show.” -_- Go to bed, Cait.

    • Chiara says:

      WATCH IT, CAIT – PLEASE. Seriously it is so amazing and perfect.

      Spn can be very feels draining, I must admit. I swear I cry in like every single episode of that show, haha XD

      Merlin is pretty feels destroying, but it’s so beautiful. YAY FOR SOON!

      HAHAHA. Actually laughing, Cait XD

  8. AHHH I ADORE MERLIN. Totally have the boxset.

    Don’t even get me started on Merthur. BROTP, my friend. Their friendship is the most adorable thing and I loved how loyal they both were and how, under all the teasing, it was obvious they were the best of friends.

    The ending to the series though :/ do not get me started on that. WHAT WAS THAT? A mess, that’s what.

    • Chiara says:

      YAY! I own all the seasons, but I still have the urge to buy the boxset because it is SO PRETTY.

      Ugh Merthur – I just cannot even with those two, seriously. And just like you said, underneath the teasing they are truly best friends.

      The ending tore me apart, really. And I wish we had some more closure!

  9. Camilla says:

    What a great idea for a feature! I’ve recently come across your blog and will definitely be following along :)

    I’ve heard so many good things about Merlin lately and you’re right, who doesn’t love all those things you mention? ;) I even think it’s on Netflix, so I might give the first episode a chance tonight already.

  10. OHMYGOSH you’ve watched Merlin!! I swear this is like my favourite TV show EVER, it was the first thing to really introduce me to mythology and I love it so much, and were you not just bawling your eyes out at the end because I was *sobs* wish it could have lasted forever. Great post!

    • Chiara says:

      Yes, I have, haha :D Merlin is pretty much my favourite show, as well. It’s so gorgeous.

      Oh, yes, the end broke my heart a hundred times, and I really wish it could have lasted forever!

      Thanks, Safah ^.^

  11. Amanda P. says:

    Oh I love Merlin so much. There are times that I get morose and think, “Ugh. I just miss Merlin.” Ugh my love for this show overfloweth! If you liked Merlin you should watch Robin Hood (BBC) and The Musketeers (BBC). Both of those are amazing and Santiago Cabrera (the guy who played Lancelot) is in The Musketeers! yum! ;)

    • Chiara says:

      I’m glad you like it, Amanda :D I miss Merlin all the time, which is probably one of the reasons I am perpetually rewatching it!

      I am definitely interested in both of those shows! A few people have recommended them to me based off my love of Merlin, so they are very high on the to-watch list ;D

  12. Kayla says:

    Ooooookaaayyyy… Maybe after I finish binging Teen Wolf I’ll move on to Merlin ;) Because these are some pretty good reasons, and I’m all for hot boys! I mean, of course I watch Supernatural for the plot. Totally.

  13. YES YES YES YES YES. YESSSSSSSS. Merlin is my absolute favorite show. I actually started rewatching it the other day because I was missing it. I love the character development as well.

    Anyone who watches the show and doesn’t ship Merthur is not watching the show correctly XD

  14. Annie says:

    I was just watching pieces of s2 this past weekend. Your are so right – everything in this post and a dozen more reasons that Merlin is awesome :)

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