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I love movies just about as much as I love books, and I watch a lot of them each and every month. Movie of the Month is my way of sharing the best movie I saw each month with you, my lovely readers <3 I hope you find some awesome films to watch!

Movie of the Month: May


I randomly saw Patrick in the movies for rent on my Telstra TV. I thought it looked cute because it was about a little pug!! And I actually don’t often watch cute movies (because they end up being silly, boo) so I thought I would give this a go. I ended up ordering it from my library so that it was free *sunglasses emoji*

Patrick was a cute movie just like I had thought it would be but it was also a movie with a lot of heart. This little spoiled pug manages to change the people around him for the better. The main character learns so much from him, and it was lovely to see the relationship between pet and owner be the main focus of a movie. My relationship with my kitty is one of the most important in my life so I loved seeing that represented in Patrick.

If you’re keen for a movie that will give you laughs, a few heart-stopping moments, and in the end a glowing feeling of happiness then I highly suggest Patrick!

Movie of the Month: June


Unfortunately The Hate U Give had a pitifully small cinema release in Australia. I can’t go to the cinemas because of my tinnitus, but I am almost 100% sure my local cinemas didn’t screen The Hate U Give anyway. Which is atrocious as I think THUG is one of the most important movies of this decade. And probably last decade.

I’m slightly ashamed to admit I still haven’t read the book, but I guess that means I can speak for the movie as its own entity. And what an entity that is. I was absorbed into Starr’s world from the second the film began to when the credits started rolling. I usually chat a bit during movies, even if it’s just to give a commentary on silly shit that characters are doing, but I noticed I didn’t say one word during THUG. Not a word. And that’s because I didn’t want to miss a second.

I could tell you all the reasons why you should watch THUG. That it shines a light on police brutality that is so heavily embroiled in racism and anti-blackness. I could tell you that it will break your goddamn heart and there’ll be no way to stop the tears. I could tell you that it is tragic and powerful. I guess I have told you those things now but they only scratch the surface of this incredible movie. If you haven’t yet watched THUG, I urge you to. If you’re not even a movie watcher, I beg you to watch this movie. It is so incredibly important and I think it’s something every person, especially white people, should see.


So these are my top movies for the months of May and June! Have you seen them? Have I convinced you to give them a go? What was the best movie you watched in June?

Ta ta for now,


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Posted on: July 8, 2019 • By: Chiara

2 Responses to Movie of the Month: May & June 2019

  1. Aw, Patrick sounds like a cute movie. I love dogs – and animals in movies are great, as long as it’s not about them dying! I STILL need to read and see The Hate U Give. I own the book though so I’m getting there. haha My sister watched the movie and really loved it though.


    • Chiara says:

      Patrick was really adorable! And he doesn’t die so all good :) I really need to read THUG now, especially since I loved the film so much! I would definitely say give it a go :)

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