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I love movies just about as much as I love books, and I watch a lot of them each and every month. Movie of the Month is my way of sharing the best movie I saw each month with you, my lovely readers <3 I hope you find some awesome films to watch!

Movie of the Month: August


I finally saw Endgame in August! And it was worth the wait because literally every second of this movie was amazing. I was spoiled for it about one week before I saw it and I am so bitter about that. I lasted so long without knowing anything about it and then BAM, someone posts a Dr Strange meme and everything is ruined. *side eyes and cries*

Honestly, I think everyone has seen this movie but I will not be that person so I won’t say anything much about this movie at all except that the hype is real. I feel like I need to watch this one again because so much happened and I’m sure I missed some of the smaller things.

I’m interested to see where the MCU goes after this film, for sure.

Movie of the Month: September


I watched Train to Busan because it is so often mentioned on horror movie lists. So I finally watched it on Netflix and it was really good! The second to last scene is one of the most heart-wrenching things I have possibly ever seen in a movie, and to be honest it’s pretty much worth the watch for that one scene.

Aside from that Train to Busan is a solid zombie film. I have to admit there were a few moments where I laughed at the zombies because they were just so over the top but overall they were creepy and I liked the fact that they everything was so fast. You get bit? You’re an insta-zombie! And these buggers can run. No shambling or dragging of feet. If anything they’re faster than humans. So it was fun to watch a different take on zombie abilities in this film!

The character arc of Seok-woo was absolutely stellar because he goes from super asshole to super dad? I just loved him a lot!! The other characters in the core group were awesome, as well, and I wanted them all to live. Alas, this is a zombie film so my hopes were dashed.


So these are my top movies for the month of August and September! Have you seen them? Have I convinced you to give them a go? What was the best movie you watched in August or September?

Ta ta for now,


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Posted on: October 14, 2019 • By: Chiara

2 Responses to Movie of the Month: August and September 2019

  1. I have seen Endgame, but it took me awhile to watch it. lol I really loved it though!! I still need to watch the newest Spiderman.

    I haven’t watched this second film, but super fast zombies? Ooh intriguing! I like that it’s a bit of a different take on zombies.


    • Chiara says:

      I just watched the newest Spider-Man last weekend and it was really good! I hope you enjoy it as well :)

      It definitely was a different take on zombies, which made it interesting to watch!

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