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Books for Life is where I share bookish lists, recommendations, and favourites. You can also catch me talking about non-bookish things here, as well as my life outside of blogging. Today I’m talking about…

books i bought and never read

So, we had a chat last time about popular books I bought and never read and today I’m here to talk about some books I bought roughly five years ago and simply… never read. Becuase of reasons unknown.

Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman

Ah, yes. I remember this one. A lot of fellow bloggers at the time had talked about how incredible this book was so when I saw it online (and had a coupon to use) I bought it. It’s a nice big edition, and the cover is much prettier in real life. I have no idea if I even want to read this book anymore. Though I am a bigger fan of historical fiction now than when I purchased it. So maybe I will read it!

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Before there was Throne of Glass there was Graceling. I remember seeing this book everywhere a few years ago. People adored this book, but now all the talk about it has kind of disappeared. I still like the sound of it, and it it is quite stable in its place on my TBR. I think it sounds like a story I could fall in love with.

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

I bought this one because I was going through my ~angels~ phase (I think most of us had that phase, as well as the vampire phase). I thought it looked super Romantic, and I thought I’d love it as much as some of the other angel books I’d read. But then I kind of fell out of my angel phase without ever having read this one. And now all I see are bad things about it so I am not sure I’ll ever pick this one up.

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

I feel like this book goes hand in hand with Graceling. For some reason whenever I think of one I always think of the other. Maybe because they both start with ‘g’? I actually have no clue. And I wouldn’t… since I haven’t read either of them *laughs* *sighs* I’m definitely still keen on reading this book because the blurb sounds badass and I know a lot of people fell in love with this series.

Pantomime by Laura Lam

I bought the paperback of this book when Strange Chemistry announced they were closing (I am still pissed about that – they published awesome books). It’s one of the few books out there with an intersex main character, and it’s also fantasy!! Queer fantasies were very rare at the time it was published, and are still kind of rare (but slowly growing, and my heart is HAPPY at that). I am bummed that the third book was released with a cover that in no way matches the first two, though.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

When I started blogging I could not escape talk about this book. It was what everyone on Goodreads was reading, what everyone was reviewing on their blogs. The amount of five star reviews was overwhelming so when I saw it in the bookstore with a prettier cover than I had seen online, I bought it. And the sequel. And… never read either of them.

The Archived by Victoria Schwab

So I was actually gifted this book by two different people, and I still haven’t read it. AND I LOVE VICTORIA SCHWAB. I actually have no idea why I haven’t picked up this book. Maybe because everyone who has read the two books thinks there should be a third but Schwab is like ‘yeah, nah’ most of the time when people ask her about it? I’ll leave it at that.

Reboot by Amy Tintera

I bought this book because the pages are awesome and it was about zombies and I was going through a bit of a zombie phase (I have my phases, obviously). I got the sequel, as well, so I could binge read the duology when I felt like it. I have never felt like it.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke

When I found out that this book was going to be published I loved the sound of it. I was just like OMG YEAH SHE IS GONNA FALL IN LOVE WITH THE DEVIL. So I bought it when I had a coupon. And then I found out it wasn’t a standalone and I was annoyed. I guess I took it out on the book *help desk person emoji*


What are some books you bought years ago and never read? Or do you read your books when you buy them?


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Posted on: March 27, 2018 • By: Chiara

18 Responses to Books I Bought Years Ago and Never Read

  1. Ash says:

    Graceling is really amazing if you do get round to it!

  2. I did read The Archived but I haven’t picked up The Unbound yet even though I have a copy because the third book may never come out. I also haven’t picked up the sequel to Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. I liked the first book, but I’m just not interested in its sequel. I haven’t read any of the others yet. XD Oops.

    • Chiara says:

      I think I’d be devastated if I read the Archived and The Unbound and felt like it was unfinished… :(
      Ah, first books in a series that leave you not wanting continue aren’t the greatest. I have had too many of those in my life!
      Join me in my lateness to these books, haha :P

  3. I have read Hush Hush, Delirium, and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, and I didn’t enjoy them so I don’t think you miss much :D I also have The Graceling for ages now, I always try putting it on my tbr every month but always ended up reading other books haha.

    • Chiara says:

      I feel like they’re all books that were hyped when they were released but now people aren’t so keen on them… I don’t know if I will ever read them, haha. I think we all have that one book we really mean to get to and never do!

  4. Annemieke says:

    I loved the two Archived books and for sure they deserve to have a third book. From my understanding at the time the publisher did not want to continue with this series and this was before Victoria Schwab became really popular so she had to let it go. I can imagine not really wanting to go back.

    • Chiara says:

      Yeah, they did drop the series. I’m surprised they never tried to pick it up again now that she is so very popular! And yeah, it must be hard to get passion back for it once someone told you it wasn’t good enough. But there are heaps of fans so hopefully one day she feels okay about it again!

  5. Shayna says:

    Oooh I hope you end up reading Prisoner of Night and Fog. That was one of my favorite books the year it came out and I’m not even a historical fiction fan! The sequel to it is also really good. I meant to read her other historical fic when it came out but never got around to it. Maybe I should reevaluate my TBR and add some Anne Blankman backlist to it…I hope you enjoy these books if you end up deciding to read any!!

    • Chiara says:

      I definitely want to! I am much more into historical fiction now than when i bought it, so I am probably more like to read it and enjoy it :D I didn’t know the author released another book… I hope you like it if you end up getting around to it! And thank you :D I hope I enjoy them as well!!

  6. I really want to read all of Victoria Schwab’s books and I OWN The Archived too, so it will happen some day. I’m still trying to finish the Shades of Magic series – not because it’s hard, but because I don’t always have time to read non-review books! I do have the second from the library though so yay!

    Anyway, I also own Prisoner of Night and Fog which I do want to read because I like that time period for historical fiction.

    I’m actually really bad at reading books I own. If it’s for review, then yes obviously, but if I bought it or it was for review, it takes me longer. I’m really trying to read more of my own books this year though so I’m getting there!


    • Chiara says:

      The Archived and The Unbound + her middle grade books are the only ones I haven’t read. I’ve read and enjoyed (and sometimes adored) all her other books! Ah, I really hope you get to finish the Shades of Magic series soon, Lauren! The third book was my favourite :D

      I don’t read a lot of war-time books, so I think Prisoner of Night and Fog would be an interesting read for me!

      Yeah, I always end up reading review books first as well. But I am trying not to request as many books this year and focus on reading some of the hundreds of books I own and haven’t read, haha. I bought them for a reason, right? I hope we both get to some of our books this year!

  7. I finished the Hush Hush series, and I’m still unsure if it was the books getting worse and worse, OR my tastes changing, but I liked each book less than the one before it. Delirium I actually ADORED, and I do really love Lauren Oliver, so maybe I’d like it today, as well. But… I never continued the series haha. Love triangles have always been my pet peeves, and there’s one later on apparently. I liiiiked The Archived, but didn’t love it. I’m pretty sure that’s a “it’s not you it’s me” thing, because – with the exception of Vicious – I’ve not loved any of Schwab’s novels that I tried. I binge-read the whole His Fair Assassins trilogy a few months ago, AND LOVED IT SO MUCH!! I’d definitely recommend picking it up, because the author is adding more books to the series! Graceling I did love years ago, but cannot remember?? Book amnesia sucks.
    I’ve also owned Prisoner of Night and Fog and Reboot for ages, would be cool if I ever got to them haha.
    Great post! :)

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    • Chiara says:

      Oh no, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the Hush, Hush series! I have heard a lot of mixed things about it. I own the whole series but I’m unsure if I will ever sit down and pick them up.

      I feel like love triangles have to be AMAZING for me to tolerate them in books now. I have just been burned too many times, and it’s always so easy to know who the characters is going to pick, as well.

      It’s a shame you’re not a big Schwab fan! I’m glad you enjoyed Vicious, though. I love that one as well, and I’m so excited for its sequel!

      Oh, I had no idea that His Fair Assassins was getting any more books :O Maybe I will read the first three to get excited for them!

      Book amnesia is the worst! I definitely have it for some series I read a really long time ago.

      I hope we both get to those two books and enjoy them, Veronika! And thank you :D

  8. Tessa says:

    There are so many books that I have owned for years and years, especially ebooks. For me, it is much easier to forget about ebooks since they don’t take up physical space on my shelves. That being said, I still haven’t read the first three books that I bought on my Kindle about four years ago. I went on a massive buying splurge and so many books that I have not caught up yet. Red Rising was the first ebook I got, but I still haven’t read it. I have every intention of getting around to it because everyone loves the series.

    I have also owned The Book Thief for a billion years now without ever picking it up. I watched the movie when it came out and I have been told that the book is SO much better, but I am not emotionally prepared for that story at the current moment (I find it hard to bring myself to read books that I know will crush my soul).

    Now, I am going to be a complete hypocrite and insist that you read Graceling, Grave Mercy, and The Archived. All of them are so many and definitely worth the hype (I don’t think that The Archived ever got enough hype). But, I would say that you can skip Hush, Hush. It was good during the peak of the angel fad, but other than the angels there wasn’t much going for it.

    • Chiara says:

      Oh, ebooks are SO easy to forget about because you never see them! I have folders on my Kindle, and I see the numbers rising and rising, but I still can’t resist those 99c sales, haha. Even though I know I should. When i first got my Kindle I trawled through the freebies and I have literally hundreds. I don’t think I’ve even read one of them. Oops.

      The Book Thief is amazing! The movie is super lovely and in my opinion it managed to capture the heart of the story. But yeah, that book is one you need to prepare yourself for emotionally because it really packs a punch.

      Those three are definitely high on my to-read list! Especially The Archived because I love Schwab’s writing so much. I am pretty ambivalent about Hush, Hush. I guess I can donate the series…

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