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Books for Thought is where I post a discussion topic related to books, reading, writing, or something pertaining to one of the three. I hope you’ll join in, and discuss today’s topic of

series that might or might not be continued

Even though I have problems with series I still come across books that could be the first in a series, but that decision is either left up to sales or some other force of publishing. Sometimes I read a series and then suddenly there’s silence. I actually have a Goodreads shelve dedicated to series that may or may not continue or may or may not be finished (which is obviously the more heinous of the two). So, today you can share in my pain of series that are up in the air because I am kind like that.

The Unusuals by Veronica Bane (review of book one and two): Mara and Miyuki were so awesome! I really, really want a book three in The Unusuals because they are really good, diverse, and pack so much into a small story.

The Periodic Sequence by Megan Curd (review of book one and two): I adored both the first and second book in this series. I remember the author talking about book three – the title, the cover. But I don’t really know why it never happened. The author isn’t active on social media so no clues there, either. I’m still hoping that Copper Phoenix happens one day *crosses fingers*

Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst (review): I remember seeing the author tweet that she’d be open to writing a sequel to Of Fire and Stars, but that sales would determine whether or not it happens. BUY THE BOOK SO WE GET A SEQUEL, PEOPLE.

Willful Machines by Nina Tim Floreen (review): Much like Of Fire and Stars above, the author said he is open to continuing the story he started in Willful Machines but it all depends on the world of publishing – sales, what his publisher wants him to work on, etc. I adored Willful Machines and would absolutely love a sequel!

Viral Nation by Shaunta Grimes (review of book one): This series was dropped from the publisher before the last book was released, which makes me so sad. Viral Nation was one of the first books I received for review when I started blogging, and I loved it. An autistic MC in a dystopian? With a companion dog? Where do we ever see this? I wish that sales had been better so we got a conclusion to this awesome story.

Marian by Ella Lyons (review): I remember seeing the author tweet about this being a series last year, but haven’t heard anything about it in recent times. I do hope that there is a book two becuase I feel like the story was just getting started in Marian!

The Host by Stephenie Meyer (review of book one): We have been lured in by false information regarding this series too many times for me to hold any true hope that it’s going to happen. Still. It might.

Charlotte Westing Chronicles by Aprilynne Pike (review of book one): The author wrote a sequel to the first book and released it independently, and I really hope she continues to do that with this series. Book two didn’t feel like the end! But I haven’t seen anything about her continuing this series as I think she’s working on her newest traditionally published one.

Pretty Dark Nothing by Heather L. Reid (review of book one and two): There was a long wait between book one and two in this series, and I thought that book three might just be a labour of love like some other series finales that have been written. But I just read a blog post from the author about how the publisher dropped the series because of internal problems. She’s not continuing as of now but has promised a conclusion in the future. I can only hope!

I Heart Robot by Suzanne Van Rooyen (review): I really liked I Heart Robot, and I have a memory of the author saying something about it potentially being a series. There was a supporting character that I ADORED, and I would love to see a companion novel about him.

Resilient by Patricia Vanasse (review of book one and two): I like this series so much! And I definitely need a third or final book. I just checked the author’s blog and Twitter etc. but no news. This is so disheartening.

The Wishing Heart by J.C. Welker (review): Now, I only read this book this year but I know there is potential for a second book! It was in the review copy I read. IT WAS. I would definitely read a sequel to this book, it was a lot of fun, and super diverse!

What about you? Are there any series you’re reading that are up in the air? Any of your favourites been cancelled?sig-chiara

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Posted on: October 3, 2017 • By: Chiara

20 Responses to Series Status: Unknown

  1. Eve says:

    Being left in the dark or misinformed about series continuation is one of the worst things I’ve ever had the misfortune of experiencing. It’s pretty much getting excited for a book that may not/or will never exist. I remember I actually went through a phase, years ago, where I made sure that the series I read were already finished so I never had to deal with this. I’m still waiting for the sequel to The Host, too.

    • Chiara says:

      It’s a frustrating feeling because I try and keep the hope but as more time goes by that hope wanes. I used to wait until a series was finished to read it as well but then I realised that’s part of the reasons why there are unfinished series out there. The sales of the first book/s determine whether there will be any more so waiting isn’t always an option! After all this time I really feel like a sequel to The Host is not happening, sadly…

  2. I’ve got a tag for series I’ve reviewed on my site that may or may not have sequels in the future and I try to go through them every 6 months or so to see if there have been any updates. It can be such a tedious task! I’ve had a few series that I really want full sequels for (The Ring and the Crown; The Lovegrove Legacy) but due to publishing issues, I’ll never get. (though those ones released mini scenes or something to somewhat wrap things up). A lot of the indie reads I pick up have long waits between sequels / will never have sequels :S

    • Chiara says:

      I have a shelf on Goodreads full of series that I’m not sure will be continued and I try to check in on them every now and again, as well! Not very many of them ever have updates, though, which is disheartening :( Yeah, I do find that it is indie published series that are more often up in the air about continuing/being finished. Which sucks :(

  3. Annemieke says:

    Ugh, I feel you in this. There are some books i’ve been waiting on sequels for a while like Sorcerer to the Crown (though I saw there is finally a title for the second book so fingers crossed it is coming next year) and it is hard. You can’t keep up with everything. With everything coming out we are bound to forget and that really sucks for the author when they do end up releasing the next one.

    • Chiara says:

      I try to keep my eye on the series I’ve started so that I don’t miss a new release when it comes out. And all these series have their own ‘unknown’ shelf so that I can check on them from time to time. But only one has moved out from the shelf after I found out it is getting a sequel. I don’t have much hope for the others, though.

  4. I would LOVE the third book of the Periodic series but she’s not even writing anymore I think? She’s a wedding photographer. Gahh. And yes, I neeeeed a sequel to Willful Machines but the author isn’t focusing on that series at the moment and isn’t even sure if he’s continueing. Which I think… he’d be stupid not to because people loved that book but hated the very very open ending.

    • Chiara says:

      Me too! Yeah, I’ve seen that she’s a photographer now. Which I mean, good on her, but we were left totally hanging after Iron Pendulum so… :(

      A Willful Machines sequel would be AWESOME. But I honestly don’t think it’s going to happen.

  5. I still need to read Willful Machines; hopefully there will be a sequel someday! Publishing is so tricky – it’s always a bummer when you’d LOVE a sequel and it never happens because there weren’t enough sales. Sigh. Maybe some of the authors will just go with self-publishing a sequel? Especially if there were already two books in the series…


    • Chiara says:

      It’s so good, Lauren! It doesn’t NEED a sequel, but I think there’s definitely room for it and the author has expressed that he would like to continue the story. So maybe one day! Publishing is a hard business, really. I hope some of them self publish sequels, because I’d love to see how the stories end. But I know that some authors don’t want to do that, which is fair enough but still :(

  6. Louise ✨? says:

    I never finished The Host because it wasn’t my cup of tea, but it sucks so much that fans of the book have been kept in the dark about when the sequels will be released. I remember feeling really disappointed that Meyer wasn’t going to release Midnight Sun after parts of it were leaked, which I understand but at the time I still would have liked to have read it properly.

    • Chiara says:

      I think I enjoyed The Host because I’d already seen and enjoyed the movie! Yeah, I remember the whole leaking fiasco. But surely… enough time has passed by now that she could reconsider? I guess it’s up to her but I think those books would still sell like hotcakes if she were to publish them!

  7. Karen Blue says:

    Wow you really make a good point here. It needs to be said that WE, the readers, WANT SEQUELS WHEN THEY ARE PROMISED/NEEDED. I have started quite a few “series” that never got a next book. Some of which I really loved and was looking forward to reading the next book. So sad. Thanks for sharing some that you were hoping for,

    • Chiara says:

      It’s so heartbreaking because there seem to be enough readers who want sequels to certain books but obviously there aren’t. It just goes to show how important it is to buy the first book in a series when it is published! I think that’s the best thing we can do to try and keep a series going. No problem!

  8. ugh yes! I don’t like this feeling! I’ve been waiting forever for Book 2 of Hyperbole and a Half. Love this list! I’ll be checking some of these books! Great post!

    • Chiara says:

      It’s a weird feeling because I will always hold some hope that the sequels/finales will be published but then I also feel like so much time has passed that it’s becoming less likely :( I hope you get your sequel! And thank you so much :D

  9. This feeling is seriously the worst! It’s such a shame that the world of publishing is so vicious because there are so many stories that deserve to be completed, if not for the sake of the readers then for the authors. It can’t be an easy thing to deal with when the future of your book is out of your hands.

    The Host was the only Stephanie Meyer book I’ve ever read and I loved it. I was a little surprised when it was suggested there’d be more books because the story felt so complete to me, but it’s been a long time and if there’s more of this world and story to read about then I’m absolutely here for it.

    The author of the Ultraviolet series R.J. Anderson said she was open to writing a 3rd book but I don’t think it’s happening. It’s been 4 years and the series doesn’t need continuing, but I really love the characters and still have a little hope that I’ll see them again.

    I think the unfinished series that hurts the most for me is Because You’ll Never Meet Me. I read on Leah Thomas’ Goodreads page that she wrote the 3rd book a few years ago but there isn’t enough demand to justify publishing it, which breaks my heart.

    I hope that one day all of these books get the sequels/finales they deserve <3

    • Chiara says:

      Yeah, the publishing world is quite cutthroat isn’t it? I would be heartbroken if I started a series and then it was dropped. I would probably take the self publishing route that a few authors have done because at least it would be out in the world that way!

      The Host was super good! I think it worked well as a standalone as well, but I would be open to reading more about the world because I do think there is roo for exploration.

      Four years between books sounds like such a long time :( I hope for your sake, though, that another book is released!

      Oh, that kills me. It didn’t make it to the list because the series works as a duology. I just would have adored a third book, with Mo and Ollie finally together <3

      I hope so, too!

  10. Jackie B says:

    This right here is why I never pick up series books until the series is completed. That, and the fact I almost never remember what happened in the previous books so I have to binge read the whole series. O_o

    But yes– you’re right. This is so frustrating! *Almost* as frustrating as a published book not being called part of a series, and yet still being a cliffhanger where the author obviously wants a series to happen. Almost, but not quite.

    I don’t have any books to add to your list of incomplete series, but I also have to admit I haven’t read any of the books on this list! If I had to read one which would you recommend? Incomplete or not, this is far too long a list for me to not have read ANY of these books!

    • Chiara says:

      It’s a vicious cycle, though, because traditional publishers decide whether a series is going to continue based on the sales of the first or second books. SO if you wait… the series might never get finished because the sales weren’t good enough! I can have trouble remembering as well, but now I just re-read the previous books in a series when a new one comes out, and that helps a lot.

      Oh, yes. I’ve read a few books that have always been standalones, but the author left enough unanswered questions to be able to come back if they wanted to. It’s quite painful!

      If I had to suggest one then it would be Willful Machines by Tim Floreen! It really does work well as a standalone and I enjoyed it a lot :D

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