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Books for Thought is where I post a discussion topic related to books, reading, writing, or something pertaining to one of the three. I hope you’ll join in, and discuss today’s topic of

underrated lgbtqia+ novels

Today I wanted to share some of my favourite LGBTQIA+ novels that I think deserve more love, and that have under 1,000 ratings on Goodreads. I honestly enjoyed all of these books, and I would love to see them read and talked about and celebrated for the great stories that they are. So, here you go!

Between You & Me by Marisa Calin (review)

This book was really lovely and sweet, and I absolutely recommend reading it. The main character develops a crush on her female teacher, and references her best friend only as “you”, making the gender of the character – if any – completely unknown.

Lyra by Erica Crouch (review)

I already mentioned this in my LGBTQIA retellings rec post, but I had to mention it again here because I LOVE THIS BOOK. I honestly have never read a novella that I have loved as much as this one. The shipping feels, the storyline – everything was really lovely.

Dreadnought by April Daniels (review)

This ownvoices trans book was DELIGHTFUL. I absolutely loved Danny, and I loved strong she was in the face of a lot of terrible things that happened to her. I absolutely cannot wait to read about the young woman that she grows into as this series goes on.

Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria Griffin (review)

THIS BOOK WAS SO NICE. Spare and Found Parts is soft and quiet and absolutely delightful. The writing style in this book is incredibly lyrical, and it was also super awesome to see a queer girl of colour at the helm of a steampunkish, futuristic, sci-fi/fantasy novel.

Three Truths and a Lie by Brent Hartinger

I read this book in one night! I loved the mystery/thriller aspect, and I don’t want to spoil anything but if you should read this book for any reason it should 100% be for the ending. It was *thumbs up emoji*

True Letters from a Fictional Life by Kenneth Logan (review)

I don’t think I have ever read a book with a more authentic teenage voice. In my review I could not stop flailing about it because it was amazing. I absolutely love voices that feel real, and James’s voice in True Letters from a Fictional Life is hands down one of the best I’ve read.

Scardust by Suzanne van Rooyen (review)

Queer NA sci-fi. Enough said? If not, there’s also an adorable character named Crow, sci-fi elements that haven’t been done to death, and a really lovely romance. AND A DOG. And great family relationships, as well.

What about you? What are some under-rated LGBTQIA+ books you love?sig-chiara

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Posted on: March 21, 2017 • By: Chiara

10 Responses to My Fave Underrated LGBTQIA+ Books (#1)

  1. I just added Dreadnought and Scardust to my TBR :) I haven’t read any own voices trans books so I especially want to read Dreadnought. Thanks for the recommendations :)

  2. I totally second Three Truths and a Lie, Dreadnought, and True Letters from a Fictional Life. Loved them all! I’ll have to look into the others – thanks for sharing. :)


    p.s. I sent you an email, but I’m looking for a couple more bloggers to read/review The Otto Digmore Difference by Brent Hartinger if you’re interested? I’m asking here b/c you mentioned Three Truths and a Lie by him!

    • Chiara says:

      I really wish more people would read these books because they are so good! And I hope you do get around to reading the others, Lauren. They are awesome :D

  3. Oh man, we are so desperately in need of more YA sci-fi – thank you so much for sharing some of your favourites, dear Chiara! I’ve only read Between You & Me on this list (& ABSOLUTELY ADORED IT, OH MY GOODNESS) but I cannot wait to feast on the other lovelies here! Thank you for your tireless support of LGBT+ work; it is desperately needed in this world, & you’ve taught me so much over the years. xox

    • (Ack, my apologies! That should be “LGBT+ sci-fi”, not “YA sci-fi” ?)

    • Chiara says:

      I’m so glad that you’ve read and loved Between You & Me! It was such a special book, and it surprised me by how much it made me fall in love with it. I really hope that you like the other titles listed here! You are always so kind to me with your words, lovely <3

  4. Dreadnought totally needs more love! I adored the book, and I’m always so happy when superheroes are diverse, so it’s a double win!
    I didn’t even know that Spare and Found Parts had a queer MC! I have the ARC from last year, still unread, and I guess this means that I finally have to give the book a shot!

    • Chiara says:

      YES! I wish that more people would read it, especially since it’s ownvoices. If you like diverse superhero books then I highly recommend Not Your Sidekick by CB Lee, and Superior by Jessica Lack :D

      Mish! You need to read Spare and Found Parts! It is such a lovely book in so many ways <3 I hope you like it if you get around to reading it!

  5. I had only heard of Dreadnought (which I need to read ASAP) but I must check out the others on this list!

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