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So, like, four months ago, Christina nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Award! Thank you, lovely <3 And, as you all well know how terrible I am at going tags/awards, I’m here super duper late. But you love me anyway ;)

There are some rules for this badboy, and they are as follows:


  • Thank and follow the blog that nominated you
  • Tell us eleven facts about yourself
  • Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them

eleven facts about me

– I always find it really hard to write facts about me. Especially since I feel like I’ve written about most of them before.

– I recently discovered the show Firefly, and may or may not have a new obsession.

– I buy a ridiculous amount of clothes from Living Dead Clothing. I mean, just look at it. Some pieces include a Firefly rainmaker (like a basketball jersey), a Groot rainmaker, a Nightmare Before Christmas rainmaker, a Groot dress, a Groot skirt … the list goes on. Endless love to LDC for enabling my love for all things Groot.

– I have a little pig sitting next to my laptop, and he’s actually a screen cleaner. I named him Piggy Wiggy because I used to have a seatbelt thingy called Piggy Wiggy that I accidentally threw away.

– There’s also a Rick Grimes Funko Pop sitting on the other side of my laptop because Rick Grimes.

– Speaking of Funko Pops, I have a very large collection that somehow came into being even though I said I didn’t like Funko Pops.

– I now have a slight obsession with Funko Pops.

– I have six pieces of Merlin/Merthur fanart on my walls. Two of them are canvasses, and ridiculously pretty. And also blue.

– I also have a Merlin/Merthur rug on my floor. (Two sides of the same coin. LET THE TEARS FALL NOW.)

– I recently rewatched all the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and after much deliberation I have decided that Iron Man is my favourite, followed closely by Captain America.

– Don’t ask me to pick between Loki and Bucky because that is an IMPOSSIBLE FEAT, I SAY.

If you could steal the wardrobe of one book character, whose would it be?

OH, this is difficult! I have never really read a book with a character that has taste in clothes that I envy. Although I am going to go with Celaena from the Throne of Glass series because she has sexy SF assassin’s clothes AND pretty dresses and ballgowns.

throne of glass

Your life has just become a novel! Write a short pitch for said novel.

In a world of cats and books and novels that refuse to write themselves, 22 year old Chiara must decide what TV show she should watch next, all the while evading questions about her plans for the new year and career.

What’s your favorite foreign film?

I kind of make a point not to watch foreign films because I HATE SUBTITLES WITH A PASSION. But I recently (and by recently I mean about a year ago) watched Amelie, and it was ridiculously cute.

What does breakfast typically look like for you?

Breakfast is always multi-grain bread, toasted, with Nuttelex and peanut butter (which is actually just crushed peanuts).

If you could make a PSA on any subject and have it broadcasted to the entire world, what would that subject be?

Ooooo. I’m thinking I would talk about animal rights/conservation/environmentalism, because I really think that it’s a topic that gets pushed to the side in favour of ones that relate directly to humans and only humans.

What is your stance on unicorns?

I love unicorns. I wasn’t aware anyone could have a different stance on unicorns. THEY’RE UNICORNS.

Favorite obscure word?

I actually made two posts about some of my favourite words, but the first one that came to mind was haberdashery. That is such a cool word, and for such a cool place. I visited one a few years ago, and it was so old fashioned and adorable!

Who is your favorite non-human(ish) fictional character (think animals, robots, etc.)?

LASSIE. WHITE FANG. BALTO. TODD FROM THE FOX AND THE HOUND. I was the child that was obsessed with all the movies featuring animals. :D

Go back to the very first post you made on your blog. Is it cringe-worthy or surprisingly okay?

It’s actually just a review! Of Wildwood Dancing. Back when I was just getting into writing reviews – eep. It doesn’t actually really review anything, just rather says how much I love it, haha. So I don’t think it’s cringe-worthy. (I hope.)

You have to assemble a team of nine bloggers—including yourself—for a grand and dangerous adventure, Fellowship of the Ring-style. Who would you choose and why?

OH GOSH. Eight bloggers helping me find the one ring to rule them all and destroy it. Okay, let’s go:

Romi: because she’s cute and adorable and could win over evil peoples with her charm.

Alyssa: because she has a heap of knowledge on Chinese culture, and what if our group went to China? She also has a take-out army that could assist in fights and whatnot.

Mel: because she could tell everyone fairytales to make them feel better about the fact that we could all possibly die trying to get this ring. Also: good bedtime stories.

Shannelle: because of her epic talent when it comes to calligraphy. She can write letters to everyone and important scriptures. And read elvish.

Mishma: because everyone loves Mish, and there would bound to be an ally of hers wherever this journey took us!

Cait: because she has dragons! We all need dragons. And she has a way with cakes, and making people her minions. This is important.

Topaz: because she is an ace writer, and could document all of our shenanigans. And she also plays the guitar, so we can sing songs by the fire.

Joséphine: because she is an incredible photographer, and can take pictures of all the nifty things we see on our journey. And take beautiful candid shots of the group, obviously.

Although TBH I would pick almost everyone I could because a) you all have excellent talents, and b) the bigger the better to fight off evil overlords!

What is your favorite soup?

I don’t really like soup. D: The only soup I’ve ever really had a desire to eat is this one with really chunky garden vegetables in it. But tomato soup is le disgusting. I CANNOT HANDLE TOMATO SOUP.


I’m going to tag my merry band of eight fellow bloggers, plus Aimee, Valerie, and Melanie! Your questions are:

  1. You find out that you’re going on a six month holiday and can only bring six books with you. What are they?
  2. If you could only listen to one band for the rest of your life what band would it be?
  3. You can immediately download one language to your brain. Which language do you pick?
  4. What is your idea of a perfect weekend?
  5. It continually rains for a month. Are you happy, or desperate for the sun to come out?
  6. Sweaters or cardigans?
  7. If you could be the heroine in any fairytale which one would it be?
  8. The last movie you watched is the last you’ll ever see. What was it?
  9. Were you going to be named anything but your actual name? What were the others (if there were any)?
  10. What’s your favourite TV show? Why?
  11. It’s 11:11, what do you wish for?


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Posted on: January 11, 2016 • By: Chiara

22 Responses to The Infinity Dreams Award

  1. Shannelle says:


  2. Eeeh this is such a cute idea <3 Haha, funk pops. My sister has over 250!

  3. Chiara, did you just choose Iron Man over Captain America? I”m sorry, we can’t be friends anymore. This is the last straw. I am so angry with everything.

    (I may or may not forgive you for that lovely thing you said about my writing, though. Thank you, darling <3)

    • Chiara says:

      I just read over the post (because wow at being ten months late at commenting) and I don’t know why I said Iron Man. WHEN DID I WRITE THIS? :O Captain America is my fave for sure.

      (Always, lovely <3)

  4. I love these awards! So interesting to find out things about bloggers. Also, I think the novel of my life would be ridiculously boring. Gah.

    And now I also need some Merlin fan art. ASAP.

  5. I love all these little tidbits about you, so fun to see. MERTHUR. AGH. I STILL WEEP. Never over that ending.

  6. OMG I AM HONOURED. XD And I shall be the hobbit who talks about second-breakfast all the time, yes? That’d totally be my place in the group. (And also draogn riding and conquering…so good thing I multitask.XD) Ahhhhhem.
    I was so obsessed with the animal movies when I was little too!! Did you ever watch Farthing Wood?! It’s like a TV series not a movie, but still…omg I loved it and I was even rewatching it the other day for reminiscent sakes. :’) ANIMALS ARE BETTER THAN PEOPLE. *ahem* Okay but people are cool? But animals.
    Thanks for the tag! ;D I can’t wait to do this!

    • Chiara says:

      Second breakfast will be entirely important in the quest – 100%!

      OHMYGOD ANIMALS OF FARTHINGWOOD WAS MY LIFE AS A CHILD. I was absolutely OBSESSED with it, and I am devastated that it’s not on DVD so I can rewatch all of it! *cries*

      (Animals are better than people, for sure.)

  7. Valerie says:

    Hahahha that team to FIND THE RING AND DESTROY IT is awesome! Also, I would totally steal all the dresses Celaena wears. I’m reading Crown of Midnight and there is a lot of detail in the dresses she picks. I think my psa would also be along the same lines as yours, as in NO ONE SHOULD SUPPORT THE CAPTIVITY OF ORCAS/KILLER WHALES. Bam. Ok I am done.

    Awesome tag Chiara! I will try to do this soon! :)

    • Chiara says:

      Thank you! <3 And I love that your PSA would be along the same lines. Because orca captivity is absolutely terrible. I wrote an entire assignment on it at university, and it made me even more aware of how horrible it is for those creatures :(

  8. Chiara I need to see all your Merthur things. ALL OF THEM. (I may also try to steal them, you never know). And Funko pops! I always say I’m not going to buy more, but then I find a new one and I.MUST.HAVE.IT.

  9. Facts are REALLY hard, I agree. Ooh, Funko Pops! I haven’t got any, but I’ve decided to get a Mulan one for my birthday. And OF COURSE EVERYONE LOVES UNICORNS. Haha, I am very flattered that I made the list — thank you!! I should warn you, though, my Mandarin is absolutely terrible XD

    PS: For some reason I completely forgot that the Infinity Dreams questions weren’t the same every time … so I think I shall do this anyways, because your questions look really fun! Yay!

    • Chiara says:

      Right? I am always so stumped as to what to say without sounding boring, haha! Oh, YAY! The Mulan one is adorable, and I hope you were able to get one :D You’d get by, I’m sure of it!

  10. I’m finally able to catch up and yeaaaay, thanks for the tag <3 I LOVE that description of me, haha, that's awesome. I would be more than happy to entertain you while we might pursue our death ;)

  11. Romi says:

    The three facts about you regarding Funko Pops are my favourite, I think. But also the Merlin ones. When I finish Merlin, I demand you show me all your fanart because JUST YES.

    Yup. The fact Celeana gets to wear those hellishly nice assassin’s clothes pulls me over. I love that she gets to wear and loves to wear dresses, too, but I do love the other outfits a little bit more.

    Your life-is-a-novel pitch was all kinds of awesome. You can also write mine *nods forever* Although I don’t think it’s complete without a nod to Barbie movies let’s be real. And your way of describing unicorns is pretty much perf.

    OH CHIARA. Putting me in your team of bloggers *swoons elegantly and in a way that is completely out of character* The other side of me winning the evil people over with my “charm” would be that I’d probably accidentally make all the good people we come across evil. So I’d be converting EVERYONE FOREVER *sighs* Would I also get to make the food?

    Thank you for the tag, sweetie! xx

    • Chiara says:

      I cringe to think of how much my Funko collection has grown since this post *nervous laughter*

      I would 100% much rather wear her sexy assassin wear, as they would make me feel badass and capable of everything.

      I should have also added “watching barbie movies chronologically” to that bio, obviously.

      You would definitely get to make the food, esp since you have a way with tofu and know more meals than I do. And ofc you are on the team. LBR you ARE the team.


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