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My Throne of Glass Ships

I recently read Queen of Shadows, and I realised that I ship a LOT of people in the Throne of Glass series. So, today, for all of you, I’ve decided to list my numerous (romantic) ships, and explain why I think they’d be awesome endgame ships. Because that’s just how I roll ;D

celaena x chaol

Now, I don’t think this one needs much explaining. I really think these two complement each other because Celaena is so wild, and Chaol is just … not wild at all. I also like how they are when they’re with each other. Chaolaena 5eva.

celaena x dorian

Firstly, I think this ship is ace because of politics. I mean … (possibly spoiler if you haven’t read Heir of Fire) the Fae queen of Terrasen and the prince of Erilea? The match is made in heaven because it assures that Erilea isn’t going to go all evil and magic shutdown AND it promotes good will with the Fae. I love this political relationship.

But I also really just like how much they care for each other. It breaks my little heart.

celaena x rowan

Fae + Fae = heaven. These two have a GORGEOUS relationship. I love how it started off as a ‘omfg I hate you so much asshole’ on both sides, and just became this incredible bond. I ship.

celaena x manon

Oh, man. A Fae and a witch? I mean, how freaking awesome would that be. They’re so similar in so many ways, and just THE POWER STRUGGLE in this relationship would be on point.

celaena x aedion

I thought that these two were cousins in the “we’re not actually related way” when Aedion was introduced, and even though that’s changed … there’s still a part of me that ships this because of what I originally thought. They’re all pretty and matchy and I like how protective they are of each other. A+

celaena x sam

DO I EVEN NEED TO EXPLAIN THIS ONE? SERIOUSLY. NO. N O. I actually had a headcanon that Sam wasn’t dead, and had memory loss or some shit, and that he and Celaena would end up happily ever after but then SJ Maas tweeted about he is 100% dead, and then my heart died.

celaena x arobynn

Dude, I just. I just. The sexual tension between these two is too much. TOO MUCH, I SAY.

aedion x rowan

ASDFGHJKL. I shipped this back when I read Heir of Fire, and actually wrote fanfic for it because I was in love with what the relationship would be like between these two Fae princes. I just. Cannot. GIVE IT TO ME.

dorian x chaol

There’s a certain scene in Queen of Shadows and if I’m the only one who was sensing the extreme homoerotic subtext in their actions … well, I really don’t think I can be the only one. These two care so much for each other, and they’re willing to DIE for each other, and FFS just get married already. Also plus points for this political relationship, too.

manon x asterin

There is this one scene in QoS and I’m like: well, shit. I ship it. I think Asterin offsets Manon’s coolness so well, and I think these witches would make a damn fine couple, if I do say so myself.


Andddd, I think those are all my ships. I have a lot, and if I am being completely honest, they’re almost all equal in how badly I want them to be canon. I’m really not entirely sure who I want Celaena to end up with, because everyone that I ship her with have their own different kinds of positives. I guess I will see in roughly two years!

Tell me, who are your Throne of Glass ships?


separate post
Posted on: September 17, 2015 • By: Chiara

39 Responses to My Throne of Glass Ships

  1. So much love for this post haha. I love shipping!

  2. OHMYGOD. So many ships wowowowo. I loved the reasoning behind the celaena x dorian one, very well thought. I ship celaena x chaol because they balance each other out so well BUT I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS BOOK AH. I love celaena’s frienship with dorian and I died with the developments in HoF :”””””'( And I think my strongest ship is celaena x rowan. I love those hate to love relationships. Some of the moments they shared <3333 I love that he influenced her character development, so I have a soft spot for Rowan. And I think that's it? I'm so surprised at some of the ships you put here omg, I NEVER would have imagined celaena x arobynn or celaena x manon or celaena x aedion BUT! now I am starting to think back to all of these interactions. I kinda want to read QoS NOW and I kinda not, ahhhhhhh! Help meeee

    • Chiara says:

      I know, there are a lot, but they’re all so good! HAHA.

      HoF and QoS are so painful for Dorian, and I just. It breaks my heart.

      I can totally understand why Celaena/Rowan is your #1 ship! They have a great relationship, for sure. And they offset each other nicely, too.

      I think when you read QoS, the Arobynn and Manon ships for Celaena will make more sense, haha! I hope you’ve read and loved it, dear!


    AND SAM omg darling darling Sam

    And Dorian and Chaol, yup you definitely weren’t the only one!

    • Chiara says:

      I KNOW. THIS SERIES IS SO GOOD WITH THE SHIPS. Chaolaena in QoS broke my heart, Jeann. I cannot.

      Sam is my precious pancake, and I STILL want him to come back, even though I know he isn’t. :(

      YAY! I REALLY want Dorian and Chaol to happen, ohmygosh.

  4. I will ship Rowan/Aelin TO WHATEVER END *ahem* But yes I feel sympathy pains for Chaolena fans, that must have been a bit of a slap in the face. IDK I sorta liked their interactions in QoS? Had a twisted kind of chemistry to it – I live for angst to be honest. Anyway, the next book MUST have Rowan/Aelin sexy times, I have been denied for TOO LONG.

    Oh my gosh I ship Manon with everyone, she is the best, everyone needs to worship and appreciate her greatness – just like Asterin does.

    • Chiara says:

      Ah, so Rowan is your #1 Celaena boy? :D The angst was there, for sure. But there was just something ~off~ about their interactions, that made me really sad. AND TOTALLY. IT KEPT ON ALMOST HAPPENING AND THEN NOT AND ARGH.

      Manon is awesome. Everyone should bow down to her, lbr.

  5. Prima says:

    I really should get to reading Heir of Fire shouldn’t I? I just love ships in books :D

  6. BEST POST. I maybe don’t ship ALL of these (for example, Celaena and Arobynn…ARE YOU CRAZY, CHIARA???). But Dorian and Chaol, for sure ;)

  7. I didn’t know SJM tweeted that Sam is 100% dead. I loved him! He made me leave the Celaena & Chaol boat. I was soooo hoping he’d come back some how :/

  8. THIS SERIES HAS TOO MANY SHIPS FOR ME TO HANDLE!!! I am forever a Chaolaena shipper, and my shipper heart is so battered and bruised after reading all the QOS spoilers and reviews. I’ve actually lost interest in the series nowadays – sadly – but I am quite curious to see who Celaena is going to end up with by the end of it all!

  9. Mitchii G. says:

    Too many ships!!! But I’m a very loyal kind of shipper so most of the time I stick to my OTPs fiercely. But Celeana is too fabulous that you can match her to almost anyone (she has great chemistry with people!)

    • Chiara says:

      There are a lot! I am usually a very loyal shipper, but this series just has my feels all over the place! And yep, Celaena has a lot of chemistry with everyone, which I think is why I ship her with so many people, haha.

  10. BASICALLY CELAENA + HAREM OF MEN. HAHA. *ahem* Okay but I used to be very very firmly Chaolena, but I don’t think she deserves him anymore. ;) Chaol and Dorian tho…omg. There was a LOT of “I will never leave you!” and “I will never give up on you!” and, well then. Ship this. BUT WHAT ARE THEY CALLED? Chorian? Doroal?

    • Chiara says:

      100% YES. Haha! After Chaol’s actions in QoS, I’m kind of like: I don’t know if you two would be good together any more, but I cannot let go of the ship. Dorian and Chaol are in love, they just haven’t realised it yet! Chorian sounds good to me :D

  11. I have to say, your shipping game is ON POINT. (Although I haven’t read Queen of Shadows yet, so I’m not totally up to date.) I admit I’m in like the 2% of the fandom that doesn’t really ship Chaolaena (oops), but everything else = I AM AGREE.

    I kind of see Dorian/Celaena as the ultimate brotp, to be honest (a very very soul-crushing brotp). BUT I could also see them crushing it together in a political marriage. And for me personally, Rowan/Celaena is one of those ships where I’m constantly shuffling between I SHIP THEM PLATONICALLY and ROMANCE PLEASE. *sigh* It’s a struggle.

    If Sam/Celaena were still an option (*sobs quietly in corner*), they’d probably be my first romantic pairing, tbh. BUT WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THAT. And I know I’m definitely not the only one who finds the Celaena/Arobynn dynamic fascinating. Right? RIGHT?

    OH my goodness, Dorian/Chaol is totally a pairing I hadn’t thought about before. (Probably because I think I’m like the only person in the fandom who lowkey ships Aedion/Dorian, BUT OKAY.) But seriously, I’d be so in love with Dorian/Chaol. And, um, MANON/ASTERIN SHIPPERS UNITE! I knew I wasn’t alone.

    Anyway, I just released a mess of shipping feels all over this post—the shipping potential everywhere in this series is just too much, argh—and I just wanted to give you a fangirl high five, because you are a very talented shipper (if that’s a thing).

    PS: Also, thank you for swinging by Fairy Skeletons!

    • Chiara says:

      Why thank you, haha XD

      I think Dorian/Celaena would be the best political relationship EVER. They could slay the world, tbh. AND SAME about Rowan/Celaena. I just want them to be friends and then the next moment I’m all: KISS. It’s a difficult one, that one.

      Sam/Celaena would be this series’ OTP for sure. I LOVED THEM SO MUCH. *cries endless tears* Also, YES. I love their dynamic. It’s ridiculously good.

      Dorian/Chaol is my baby ship. I want it to happen SO BADLY, but I know it won’t, and that kills me. Oooo, I hadn’t thought of Aedion/Dorian. I think I might be on board with that now, though XD YESSS, MANON/ASTERIN IS GOLD.

      Shipping feels are always welcome here :D <3 Awh, thank you! I think it's a thing, haha XD

  12. Sadly [ AND WHEN I SAY SADLY I MEAN I AM SOBBING FROM SAID SITUATION ] I’m in the worst reading slump I’ve ever had, so I picked up QoS several times and kept putting it down because reading YA and series is suddenly feeling so exhausting, I know, its terrible. But I can completely relate with this ship overload! THERE ARE SO MANY WHAT EVEN? I think my biggest at the moment is Rowan and Calaena because they understand each other so well, and I think of all people Rowan is the one who is least likely to be disturbed by Calaena’s past and violence but at the same time isn’t overly violent himself, so they balance out? But i also like their friendship so maybe I don’t ship them romantically? Or do I? Oh the struggle!

    • Chiara says:

      Noooooo, that is terrible! I hope your reading slump is over, and that you’ve been able to read QoS, Safah <3

      Ohhh, I really do like Rowan and Celaena as friends, to be honest. I mean, I can ship them as a couple for reasons like you mentioned, but I also feel like Celaena needs a friend rather than a lover? So much struggle when it comes to shipping, haha!

  13. This made my day. :D I have yet to finish Queen of Shadows but I’m so glad there are other people out there shipping all the characters with one another. Squee! ;D

  14. Romi says:

    You know, I think by the end of the series Aelin won’t be with who she is now, possibly because I just… I just can’t imagine that she’ll get happiness, in the end. I don’t think this is going to be a HEA in many ways, and not for her being with another. Which… I don’t think that would be a bad thing, not at all, since I think she could make her own happiness. And maybe she needs to learn who she is, too.
    Out of all of them it’s been Sam, for me. He was just so. darn. perfect. For her, he was the best. Rowan I adore, absolutely, but I can’t stop wondering if he’s all he says he is. Which could become nasty.
    Chaol and Dorian would be the best thing ever! I definitely felt that moment and was really excited by the prospect of that relationship, whether it happens or not- it may just make me like Chaol a little more than I presently do (not at all), and Manon and Asterien… aah. They’re great.
    Arobynn, though. Eurgh. I dislike him intently. More than the king, who I hated.

    • Chiara says:

      Yeah, to be honest, I think this series might end with Aelin dying. I just sense extreme heartbreak in this series’ future.

      SAM is a darling. I adored him SO much, and I really wished that he would come back and end up with Aelin, but alas. Yeah, Rowan is a little bit shady, but I do think he has Aelin’s best interests at heart. But I guess we’ll see!

      Chaol and Dorian would literally be the best ship in this entire book, followed by Manon and Asterin. SOOO GOOD.

      I couldn’t help myself with Arobynn. Even though I knew I should hate him, I just couldn’t completely do it? EEP.

  15. Even though I ship Rowan x Celaena SO HARD, I’m still convinced Sam is ALIVE AND SARAH IS MESSING WITH US…..MAYBE.

  16. I was all on board of the Chaol/Aelin ship, but after the things that happened in Queen of Shadows I’m not so sure any more :( I love Dorian/Chaol as friendship. Manon/Asterin was definitely a potential ship! I love them together. Aelin/Rowan is the best combination at this time now, I think, because they complement each other so well.

    • Chiara says:

      Yeah, I mean. I still ship it because I remember how GOOD they were together, but after the way Chaol acted in QoS, I’m not his biggest fan, to say the least.

      Manon + Asterin would be awesome, right? It’s sad that Manon’s been set up in a ship that I don’t like, sigh.

      Aelin and Rowan to complement each other really well, but I think I preferred them as friends!

  17. I found your post because I was googling Chaol and Dorian ship hahaha. After reading QoS, omg I really really ship it. For all the reasons you said. I don’t know if you also like Captain America but they remind me of him and his childhood friend Bucky. Plus if we can’t have Celaena/Chaol, I want Dorian/Chaol. I kind of ship Aelin/Aedion too but I also like him with Lysandra. And I ship Manon with Asterin (is that her name? Her #2? It’s been awehile since I’ve read the books). Anyway. We need some LGB ships already. And just good ships in general (it was a biiiiit abrupt from Chaol to Rowan, just saying).

    • Chiara says:

      The Chaol and Dorian ship is EVERYTHING. And omg I had never realised that it IS kinda like Stucky! Which is one of my fave ships ever <3

      Yeah, Asterin is Manon's #2! I really would like to see them together - it would be so badass.

      I definitely think this series needs to up its game in terms of non-heterosexual ships. Everyone was paired off at the end of QoS and it was super disappointing.

      I'm still sad that Chaol and Celaena isn't going to be endgame :(

  18. Emily says:

    Any feelings on Elide x Manon? Also I thought I was the only one who felt the dorian x chaol moments as more than what they seemed!! Also it makes me really happy that these two ships could be possibilities considering some of the thirteen are in relationships with each other so that shows she’s open to homosexual relationships. Also when she said Sam was 100% dead I thought maybe she was saying it in the “oooohh I’m gonna trick you so when it happens you won’t expect it” way. Do you think that could be possible or am I just too attached to let go?

    • Chiara says:

      I didn’t really ship Elide and Manon when I wrote this post, but I have been talking about it with other bloggers, and it’s definitely a ship I could get on board with!

      Oh, gosh, no. A lot of people feel the Chaol and Dorian ship!

      Sadly, I don’t really feel like any of the m/m or f/f relationships that I ship will happen. It seems like her same sex couples are usually background characters, which makes me sad.

      Hmm. I took her word for it, actually! And when I met her she mentioned that Rowan is pretty much endgame, so I think that Sam really is dead :(

  19. Eshe says:

    You shouldn’t even be calling this your ships, it’s more like a fleet. I’m all for Celaena x Dorian!! I might have to switch ship though because I want him for myself.

  20. Elle Case says:

    Elide x Manon… Idk why but Elide could teach Manon to love and all that so….

  21. Cadmin says:

    Dorian X Celaena plsss I LOVE their relationship so much! It broke my heart when she left him at the end of the first book please bring them back togetherrr

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